2013 Oregon Archery Blacktail Deer Hunt – First Time Shooters!

The Oregon General Archery Season Opener proved to be a successful opening day hunt in the Willamette Valley for Blacktail Deer Bucks’. Neither of the two young men had every taken a Blacktail Buck with the bow and arrow! The anticipation of the 2013 Oregon Archery Season Opener had been a very exciting anxiety brain thought for me.

Having myself wanting to target two (2) different bucks during the season, I was ready for the opener on August 24th, 2013. There would be two (2) other hunters hunting the small parcel (90 acres) of un-fenced land in the Willamette Valley of Oregon in the Clackamas County zone outside of Oregon City, Oregon. Neither of the other two (2) young […]

Mark’s 2012 Oregon 615 Tag Blacktail Hunt

Legendary “Stickers” Hits The Deck

Mark's buck prior to loading "Stickers" up to be field dressed! Great Picture Mark!

The great thing about Oregon is that you can sometimes be very lucky enough to have two (2) deer tags. One of those special tags if you have property to hunt is the Willamette Unit 615 tag. You can take a buck or doe during the long time frame of the hunt with rifle or bow. So if you’re a bow hunter and a rifle hunter you can pick and chose your weapon of choice.

In this case Mark who is one of my hunting partners here in the valley had decided to bow hunt the parcel of land […]

Oregon Blacktail Hunt – First Deer

It is not about size, but being able to harvesting a buck during the regular season and filling my freezer!

Jeff gets his first deer ever with borrowed 270 in the Willamette Valley of Oregon!

Frankie decide he would help out his cousin Zach’s buddy Jeff get a buck off of a small section of land he had access to in the Willamette Valley close to Oregon City, Oregon. It was the second weekend of the of the general Blacktail rifle hunt for western Oregon.

Picture of Jeff's Buck taken during the Oregon archery season in August 2011

The two young men traipse all over the 100+ acres of land through the blackberry […]

Oregon Willamette Valley Buck Hunt

“Dad, we need help!” “Holly has a buck down!” Sure she has a buck down, you have to stop kidding! “No she really has one down and we need your help, you still at work?” This hunt would have to be related to a while back on this particular piece of private property in the Willamette Unit. I have been watching the property for more than 6 years I guess. Since 2004, while driving to Valley RV Center in McMinnville, I would make that the route in the morning so I could get pictures of Blacktail bucks before the archery season, knowing that I would never get a chance to hunt the property. Finally this year I had the […]