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Bwana Bubba’s Thoughts – Oregon Coyotes in numbers

Let us not forget about the resilient Coyote that roams all of North American. Ever thought about asking a chicken or duck farmer to hunt the Coy Dogs that will lay in wait free roaming egg layers…

Having recently talked with a ODFW Bio, the news is out that the Coyotes are eating well! There is an over abundance of Rodents and Rabbits in S.E. Oregon. Time for hunters to get out reduce the Coyote numbers if they want Pronghorn and Deer fawn survival in the future!
Keeping this short with an ending comment!
“If you can’t call in a Coy  Dog, you don’t know how to call” (CF)

If you want to find the big boys you need to take out the Coy Dogs!

Bwana Bubba’s Thoughts – Saving Big Game Hunting

Predators taking the place of big game animals

This is one of five Cougars spotted near a town, working within the same proximity of each other.

One might not find this to be a factual statement, but in reality it is becoming increasing reality.   It may not be in every state in the Union, but it surely is in on the Pacific Coast, which includes Washington, Oregon and even into California.  As for the other states in CONUS, I can’t give thoughts on the subject of predators taking a front row seat on the taking of Elk, Deer, Pronghorns and even Bighorn Sheep.

In Oregon the management of all wildlife and fish are managed by O.D.F.W. or better known as the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.   There are 7 members that are part of the commission and they are selected by the Governor of Oregon.   In my opinion for a long time, I do not feel that the Governors of Oregon since 1991 have not had much thought on the importance of  hunting, fishing, shooting or any other sport related to the outdoors in Oregon.

In 1994 in the State of Oregon voters, voted on Measure 18 on the banning of dogs for the hunting of Bears and Cougars.  43,501 votes more votes lead to the ban.  At the time the Governor was Barbara Roberts a Democrat.  A great influence of outsiders (lobbyists – protesters) from the Great State of California came and created havoc and fear into the already changing demographics of from what Oregon use to be.   Oregon use to be much like Idaho in thought and action, but Oregon has changed over the years, becoming a state that the folks from the Golden State could sell their homes and come to Oregon and buy the same home for half price and less congestion in life…

The Black Bear is not Smokey the Bear or a playful toy and the Cougar is one hungry predator that will take a deer a week.  They all might look cute as cub or kitten, but once they get bigger that is not the case.  Since there is no hunting with dogs any longer, these two predators go un-checked for the most part.  As for Wolves, it all started in Yellowstone and has escalated too many other states.  My thoughts are that Wolves hunt to kill and rarely eat the complete animal; it said the other predators will handle the remaining carcass.   Oregon has about 60 Moose (Shiras) scattered throughout the N.E. part of the state.  With the increase in Wolf population, just how long will it take for the reduction in Moose?  One other little notes about Wolves in Oregon, many have been released by so-call do-gooders that breed or breed hybrids.  Many years ago, I had a customer tell me she did… From the information I get, there are more Wolves than reported.   Such is the case in the Mt. Hood National Forest with reports of sporadic with sightings from persons that do know the difference between a wolf and a dog…

Washington State does not allow the use of dogs to hunt for Cougars or Bears also.  This came about in 2001 I believe.  Only under conditions deemed by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife can dogs be used to harvest a Cougar or Bear that are causing problems with humans or livestock.

In the State of Oregon, through my sources with the government, hired government hunters as we call them can hunt year round to reduce Cougars or Bears in troubled areas.  With the used of dogs by the public that hunt, there would be little need for government hunters.  Just think about the revenue that the state would take in, plus the amount of sales at sporting goods stores, guides would be able to guide again.   Oregon has quotes on the amount of Cougars that can be taken in zones and once it met, then the year round hunting stops.  Going onto the ODFW back pages and looking at expected quotes on Cougars, the inside reports via contacts tell a different story.

There is a large area in the 2017 ODFW Game Regulations this year on Cougars. This is the map that showing what ODFW feels is the key area. I do believe there are more areas than on the map…

LINK:  O.D.F.W. Cougar Agenda

A hunter should make contact with a Game Biologist.  In the State of Oregon, these biologist are very happy to help.  As one biologist that I have know for more than 30 years once told me “my job is to help and without hunters, I would not have a job”

ODFW has a major budget deficit and last year came up with idea of special tags big game tags, creating some cash flow revenue.   Those that got one of the special tags through a drawing might just have a chance to hunt most anywhere and with a rifle even hunt during a bow season or extended season.  Many older hunters have just given up hunting, as their old haunts just don’t have the game as it was prior to 2000.   Other than the old boys in the hunting culture, I do not believe that the younger generation has caught up with the problem of predators.

Seems all great, but we have a real problem with the big game population in this state.   I spend much of my time from April to August taking wildlife pictures and working areas at key times of the day looking for big game.   In just 4 short years many of the great haunts are void of the great bucks that I would find.  The Cougars especially have worked over the area well.  I won’t waste my time to hunt these areas anymore.  I have move into the rural areas closer to the city to find game…  The Cougars use to follow the game coming down from the mountains during the winter months.  Now with the shortage of game to eat, they are now showing up in the lower valleys in the summer months.  It may seem to those reading that I am bias, but I am not.  It is about what is more important, the chance for someone to see a Cougar, Wolf or even a Bear in the wild or preserving the big game that you can see anytime.   Once the game is gone from the area the predators with move to new feeding grounds.   It takes the depleted area a fairly long time to recover the mature bucks and bulls in the area.

Bear season Oregon is a bit different and not all year long.  The draw tag season from April 1st, to May 31st normally.   The general season opens August 1st and ends December 31st on the west side of the Cascades and November 30th on the east side of the Cascades.   So one has to glass and find bears, a bit tougher to do, than getting a do to tree a bear.  Government hunters can do whatever to get a problem area done.  Special tags are issued for timber companies to handle bears in Oregon…

I believe that anyone that is hunting in Oregon should have a Cougar tag and Bear tag on their person.  Many times hunters have run into the overabundance of Cougars in a particular area and shot a Cougar, did not have a tag.  You will be ticketed and in some cases it could have been life and dead encounter, you might or might not get out of the ticket if caught.

In Closing:  I will give a few instances for 2016 from some of hunting buddies, plus I will put out a few key areas with onXmaps HUNT map pictures for those that want to challenger their talents to find a Cougars.  Bear season is just about over, but send me and email and I can direct you to spots in the future.


  • 2016 Owyhee Deer Hunt: MJ and BO drew the tags for the great Owyhees in Oregon.   In the day as I remember the Owyhees, the bucks were big and plentiful, sort of a pick and choose hunt for big Mulies.   MJ and BO have private land to hunt on breaks of the Oregon/Idaho border on the Oregon side.  Having done a great deal of planning and making calls, they truly thought they had it dialed in.  The land was in prime condition for Mule deer habitat.   During their week hunt, only a few small bucks were seen, remembering they had made an early scouting trip in August 2016, with the same results.  The local ODFW biologist told them they hit at the wrong time…  Very experience hunters that in the past were used to finding big Mulies.  The hunters over on the Idaho side still have the Mulies of size, as they control the Cougars still with dogs.
  • 2011 Archery Elk/Deer Hunt: Another hunting partner from my past went to a new haunt near an old haunt.  This is an area that the government hunter has taken out more Cougars than 4 times the quota of the Cascades, which are 271.   ST has during bow season taken a Cougar and on the same day could have taken another one.  2016 he had two Cougars at 100 yards from him at this ground blind.  His 1911 could not get the job done at 100 yards in the timber. I also feel they are braver and human scent or the fact Cougars are keen on knowing, fear little.  Deer were very scarce, though the elk were in good numbers.   The Heppner Unit has been known as an elk breeding area…
  • My son this year (2106) during a rifle deer hunt near an RV Park outside of a rural town jumped two mature Cougars. He did not have a tag and knew what would happen if he had killed them.  The deer population was way down and the team only got one 2 year old deer about 2 miles from the sighting…
  • Another comment is from my buddy Mark D., who lives near Oregon City, Oregon on 90 acres. Five Cougars have been sighted during the month of August 2016 around this place.  His place is within 15 minutes of a major city.   The deer are way done on this place, as he has cameras out.  Just recently he caught sight of one decent Blacktail buck.  The elk have not been on his place for more than 6 months.
  • 2016 Pronghorn hunt for one of my onXmaps HUNT hunters. I had suggested him talk to one of the ranchers in the flat lands in the Steen’s Mountains Unit.  He was told by the rancher that the Pronghorn are scare, less than 5 years ago they were pest on the ranches and farming lands.  The big C word (Cougars) came out.  The hunters had to hunt very hard to find a good buck, not a monster.  The Steen’s Mountains of Oregon once produced the #2 B & C Pronghorn…  Those us that have hunted the Steen’s Mountains for big Mulies, which are gone now.  No longer a pick and choose style of hunting there.  The Steen’s at one time was 4X4 or better hunt…  
Let us not forget about the resilient Coyote that roams all of North American. Ever thought about asking a chicken or duck farmer to hunt the Coy Dogs that will lay in wait free roaming egg layers…

So in reality the states that have a problem with predators are the same states (metropolitan cities) that were Blue in the recent election, giving the point that we know those that are the loudest and not using their common sense for the good of all…  

Attached link for:  Predator Defense

“There is a place for predators, but they should not replace renewable resources in nature”

“The elected politicians of any state must take in account the outcome of a bad decision that they have made bowing down to a small load group of “Tree Huggers”, much like the Old Growth Spotted Owl farce”

A few photo from onXmaps HUNT IPAD Mobile Mapping:


The Warner Unit in Oregon, known for Pronghorn, Deer and even Elk. A key spot for removal of Cougars.
A great deal of B.L.M. in the Steen’s Mountains, near Diamond, Oregon. Elk, Deer and Pronghorn roam these hills. This area was well now for big Mulies…
This is the east slope of the Steen’s Mountains. Big Horn Sheep, Deer and Pronghorn work this area from the valley floor to 10,000 feet. Cougars have been working all of the Steen’s for a long time.
This map is of an area in the Rogue Unit in Oregon. The Cougars have worked close to Willow Lake RV Resort. The Blacktail population is down from previous years.

Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba

Pronghorn & Coyote in Oregon

The predator and the victim in Oregon and every other Western State!

Coyotes don’t always jump and mouse!

This dog was looking for rodents!

This post is going to be a two (2) information on the Coyote and the Pronghorn or better known to most as an Antelope!

Recently I got off with an old friend from the days of the Burns Bros. Sportsmen Center that was located on S.E. Union Ave in Portland.  The big yellow building with lots of big painted logo’s on the building, it was a meeting place in the old days!

He is now one of the top Biologist in the State of Oregon.   It has been great to rekindle the past on hunting and what he does for the ODFW. 

Does he make book or not is the question of the day!


Last year I talked with him a while about a few of the units that I had sent hunters into for Pronghorn and of course the Coyote came up in conversation.  There areas that the Coyote has caused havic on the Pronghorn in Oregon was an issue!

Today while talking with him, I came up with the non science simple cause of areas that the Coyote is reducing the Antelope fawns.  “So the Jackrabbits are down in population and the Coyote is going to take an Antelope fawn during the fawning season?” “Yep! That is the simple cause, but more complex than that Frank.”

There is one unit that comes into play a great deal with fewer fawns than any other unit and that is the Wagontire Unit, especially the South Wagontire unit south of Christmas Valley.   Last year there was on a ratio of 11 fawns to 100 Does, whereas in a unit further south the ratio of 43 fawn to 100 Does.

There is a great deal of B.L.M. to hunt in all of the units and the Wagontire Unit has more than most.  I would suggest getting your mapping and GPS, so you know where you are.

This is what we want to see in numbers!

So anyone that is just wanting to get out and hunt for Coyotes, it is a place to travel to with a great deal of roads to work from in the unit.   We can never stop the Coyote, as they are one of the most resourceful animals, that knows how to survive the elements and man.  Just whittle down the numbers so we have more Antelope fawn survive the first part of their life, once up and going they seem to keep from the Coy Dog!

I am under the understanding that the desert rodent population is making a comeback in the Oregon desert!

Now lets talk a little about Antelope hunting for those that going to hunt Antelope – Pronghorn this year.   I know many feel they are going to get drawn in 2012.  For those that have not applied, you have to decide what you are really looking for a Boone & Crockett or a good Lope to put on the wall.  There are Boone & Crockett Lopes in every hunt unit in Oregon, but some units fewer of course.  Sometimes hunters are overwhelm, as in most cases you get to see a great deal of Antelope bucks while hunting.  I have been told many times how a hunter shoots a good buck they feel and then be walking back to the truck and see the grand daddy.  It is important to know what you are looking at and know how to do a visual measurement.  Then you decide if that is one your going to pull the trigger or release an arrow on.

Sometimes they may just stand there waiting on you!

Oregon does have one hunt unit that the big boys die of old age.   Limited amount of tags for the hunt unit and it takes from 18 to probably 25 points to get drawn.   The problem with the unit is that there is a great deal of “Village Idiots” and they get harvested!  “Village Idiots” is a new word to me representing the youth in the Pronghorn kingdom…

So all of the Coyote hunters & Pro-Staffers for RD Game Calls, get your fannies out there and help the future Pronghorn hunters by taking out some dogs.


RD Game Calls – Custom Made Game Calls

RD Game Calls – Built in the U.S.A.

Handcrafted on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho

RD Games Calls are to a duck hunter, goose hunter, varmint hunter and other hunting, like what an Orvis Split Bamboo rod is a an avid fly fisherman or fly fisher-person (that is hard to day).

I recently was selected to the Pro-Staff of RD Game Calls that are handcraft in Melba, Idaho.   I have only had a little to time to play with the Varmint Calls that I received, actually on Blacktail deer.  Interesting as I pull a couple of does into me from across a field.

These are the 2 calls I just got and played with on the way to the coast this past Sunday!

I have a place that the Coyotes are very weary to calling and I am sure this is because most like to use electronic calls.   I just happen to know the young fellow that has been hunting for them there and now has given up.  To be able to use a mouth call whether is a open reed style or a close reed call is far more effective in areas that the dogs have been worked over.  Such is the case on the property I hunt for Blacktail deer in the Willamette Valley outside of Oregon City, OR.

Have you ever hunted for ducks on one of the state refuges and you have the fellow in the next blind using a shaker call attempting to get ducks into the dekes.   Then you have the fellow on the other side of the lake who knows how to use a real call bringing the ducks in from long range to the decoys.

I am suggesting that all of you go to RD GAME CALLS and check out the woods available and the acrylics that are available on these custom built calls.  

This is not my picture, as it is a company picture. RD Game Calls for Youth! They are very involved with a youth program. Youth is the future for hunting!

I understand that REX is a master craftsmen that can tune a call to the way you want it.  Remember they are custom built, no two will be the same.   The next call though, not a duck, goose or varmint call is going to be a call that I can have in my mouth while bow hunting stop a big Blacktail buck in his tracks for split second with the call falling from my mouth and the arrow has been released to impact the chest cavity.

The dogs are out and we can't have them licking choppers on Lopes!

For those that buy a call from RD GAME CALLS and live in Oregon or willing to travel to Oregon to kill Coyotes in an area that the Coyotes have raise havoc on the Antelope – Pronghorns fawn,  I will give you that secret area to go and take them out.  It is near a place that has the word Well in it!  I might even have the GPS Coords for the serious hunters!


Coyote Hunting – Glock Style


Frankie and I were on an Antelope Hunt in the Grizzly Hunt Unit near Antelope, OR in 2004.As noted in another excerpt we had basically wasted about 9 point to hunt the unit.  We still had fun hunting and Frankie being able to get his first Antelope buck.  During the hunt on part of Earl Smith’s many properties Frankie took some time out to shoot at Coyotes. 

During the course of two days he shot and killed 5 Coyotes with his Glock 9mm, which I believe as a Model 17.  It was a great amount of fun watching Frankie take out some dogs during the hunt!  Maybe a few more Antelopes will survive during the spring time.