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Frank’s RV Newsletter Fall 2017

Now is the time to explore with an RV!

I thought it was about time I got out an article for 2017, as it has been a while.   

How about an opening picture take from the my RV?

Willamette Valley Blacktail deer in velvet during early August 2017. He has disappeared from the scene as of August 19th.. He will show up after the season for more pictures.

First note of the day is that I believe ground is finally moving up in Woodland, Washington on the new B Young RV Dealership.   Taken a while to get the permits and of course get the complex plans all put together and signed off.   The complex is going to be quite the RV Dealership and it will be great for our Washington customers, making it much easier getting their RV’s service and buying an RV.   Of course our staff that lives in Washington will get an automatic pay raise in having not to pay the Oregon Income Tax for working in Oregon.

B Young RV just got done with the second Tiffin Rally in 7 years.  This Rally was held in Salem, Oregon and was a very successful Rally for B Young RV, Tiffin RV, Sales Staff and that of the customers that drove away after a couple of days in their new Tiffin RV.

Since my last article B Young RV has added a couple more Sprinter chassis based motorhome companies, that being Winnebago with the Navion (Class B+) and Regency RV with the Exalta (Class B).  Both companies are highly regarded in the industry.

2018 Winnebago Navion 24V at Gold Beach, Oregon

Tiffin has come out with the Wayfarer Sprinter chassis Class B Motorhome.  My feelings are that the Wayfarer is right up at the top.   One of the standards from Tiffin is the diesel generator and solid hardwood cabinetry.  The Chafee style door makes it easier for seniors to put their cargo in the holds.

Business wise at B Young RV, another recorded breaking year for the company, it is simply amazing how much traffic and the number of RV’s heading to destinations all over North America.

About 4 months ago I traded in my 3rd RV bought from B Young RV for another.  Seems when they are about 1 ½ years old with 35K on them, it is time.  As you all know it is all about the floorplan and the floorplans changed all the time.   This one might have to last a while…  It is the first one with a solar panel, factory installed inverter and the TUMA hot water heater system.  My wife said she loves this RV and has done some interior decor, styled to the beach, this being the first time in any of our RVs’…

TUMA  system is easy to use and get hot water on demand.

It is a phenomenon to see what is happening with Grand Design RV and the popularity of the many products they make with the Imagine, Reflection, Solitude and Momentum.  Inventory is tough to keep and the factory is making more plants to keep up with the demand.  Recently my neighbor, who has been looking for a travel trailer, bought an Imagine and did not mind waiting for a factory order.

The fall season camping season is about to start and many of the camp grounds now have openings.  So many times the weather in the valley can be bad, and trying to go east can be tough with the weather in the mountains, but the Oregon or California coast can be great.  The parks this summer were tough to get in with no or little openings, even during the middle of the week.  Have you ever thought how lucky we are to have a coastline that we can see the ocean and get to the beach fairly easy?

Roosevelt Elk are something to look for during a trip to the coast or along the coast. This is an Oregon bull, but California on the Northern Hwy 101 is the spot to catch them…
Picture take 10-13-17 

Oregonians are very privileged to have so many Oregon State Parks to use.   RVers’ come from all over North America to see and camp in Oregon, thus you’ll see many using these parks.   The Californians come in groves during the fishing season using all the parks on the Oregon Coast. 

I have seen during our travels south to the border that many of the State Parks are going through upgrades, such newly installed septic hookups at most campsite and best of all the clearing of the plants and brush in the campsites.   This allows larger RV’s to use the sites.  It is always said, “If it fits, then it is your campsite” FRB  

This Whale was very close to the rocks. One has to be on the ready to get the shots.

There still are Whales working up the Oregon Coast as of this past week.  To be truthful, almost every spot one could pull alongside the road, you could see Whales breaching.  At Whales Cove, there were Cow’s with Calves working the bay.   There is a trail that you can get close, but be careful about putting your weight on the tree on the edge overlooking the bay.  It is a long ways down to the rocks below…

This Whale and others near Boiler Bay, Oregon

For all of B Young RV Customers and those that read this have a great fall and winter.  Those heading south to AZ and S.E. California, have a great and safe trip.

Frank Biggs 503-737-9595

B Young RV – frankb@byoungrv.com


Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter Spring 2013

Winter has past and Spring is in full swing!

It won’t belong before Summer is upon

North America & B YOUNG RV

In the RV World it is a Circle of Life and who you’ll meet along the way, either from the past or someone that knows someone else.  In this case in relationship of the story, the wife, Addison and myself met a man along with his dog Teddie at Champoeg State Park outside of Wilsonville, Oregon a week after the story written below!  It happen to be Ed the owner of Azalea Glen RV Park & Campground in Trinidad, CA

Recently the wife and I had a short mini vacation.  It all started with my days off which are Wednesday and Thursday.   Addison our grand daughter would be with mom and dad, so we decide to escape on Tuesday evening.   In route to Devil’s Lake State Park for the first night the wife ask me to see if I could get the weekend off.   Of course I am all about work and un-scheduled time-off doesn’t work for me very well.   I texted the Sales Manager at B YOUNG RV and response back was see you early Monday morning.  Well Now!  No Excuses!

The old lighthouse at Bandon, Oregon!
The old lighthouse at Bandon, Oregon!

LINK:   Short Video of the Bandon Light aka Coquille River Lighthouse

We did stayed at Devil’s Lake State Park on Tuesday evening, but at the crack of dawn Linda said “lets go California!”  What?  Really?  Off we were and heading to the border for Wednesday evening.  Blowing by a couple of Oregon’s finest state parks just outside of the town of Brookings, Oregon.   We ended up staying right on the beach on a gravel pad at the cost of 39 bucks, not once but twice on the trip…  I did not realize at this park the showers and heads are open to the public and of course everyone has to pay to use.   Yes!  I do have a shower in the motorhome, but I like lots of hot water.

The last night on the Oregon Coast at Beachside State Park in Waldport, Oregon
The last night on the Oregon Coast at Beachside State Park in Waldport, Oregon

Hmm! Quick shower and a walk on the jetty for the two of us.  The next morning we are up early and head south to California and just after crossing the border at Crescent City and doing 65mph, I spot Roosevelt Elk laying along the road.  Great sight to see, but no time to stop on shoulder of the road for picture taking.
With few stops we head for the Redwoods on Hwy 101 as it has been for me about 52 years since the last time I was there.  A short stop at Trinidad, California and getting some smoked salmon from Katy’s Smoke House  place which has been there for more than 60 years, plus taking picture of the fishing fleet in the harbor one could fall in love with this town that overlooks the Pacific Ocean with crystal clear waters.

Quick stop at the Redwood National Forest Headquarters to get some directions in areas to see the Redwoods.  A great deal has changed since the early sixties, such as a two lane go fast highway system, which is only in California.  You do get to use part of the old highway in the Avenue of the Giants.   I have to tell you it was great to see these magnificent trees up close and personal with few people around.  After all the years of loggers being gone from the Redwoods and see tree stumps with the notches (axe cuts) in them just above the swell of the base of the tree (Springboard) a system used in the past to cut the tree down above the swell.

We only spent the day knowing we would have to cross the coast range at night under road construction and single lane on the cliff side of Hwy 101, we headed back North before dark to Bandon, as the Avenue of the Giants is below Eureka, California.   As we go by Trinidad and a couple of RV Park signs, the wife mentioned she would like to stay overnight in Trinidad.  There happen to be a sign on the road showing Azalea Glen RV Park,  I blew by the exit and Trinidad, as I had Elk and getting pictures on my mind!  We did come across a good herd of Roosevelt elk in California and I made the effort to stop and get some pictures.  California in the northern part of the state does have one of the largest herds of Roosevelt Elk in the Pacific Northwest.

We did end up staying a couple of days in Brookings, Oregon and did stay at one of the Oregon State Parks in Brookings, plus checked out the park on the Chetco River about 8 miles up stream.  This where we should have stayed the first and second time while in Brookings.  They are truly nice Oregon State Parks with Harris Beach State Park having a landury room.

The trip back I have to introduce you to a small bakery in Winchester Bay, Oregon on the west side of the road!  The sign says it is called the Sourdough Bakery, go figure.  It has the best Sourdough bread I have ever had and you want to have a tub of butter to spread on it! Took 4 loafs home with us, doesn’t last long!

While in Reedsport it is important to go to the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Sight just east of town about 4 miles.  You want to see a few monster Roosevelt Elk up close, this is the place.

The last place we spent the night was and Beachside State Park.  We were going to stay at the private park in Newport under the bridge as I have a friend that is a camp host there, but Beachside actually had a spot right on the beach side along the sand.  That was the clue that we would stay there for the night.   The weather in California and southern Oregon on the coast had been great with sunshine everyday.   When we woke up at Beachside it was pouring down rain!  Such was the trip to the Redwoods and getting re-aquinted after 52 years to the Northern California.

This tree happen to be cut down in the days of using the Springboards with notches in the tree, so the tree could be cut above the swelling of the trunk!
This tree happen to be cut down in the days of using the Springboards with notches in the tree, so the tree could be cut above the swelling of the trunk!

The Spring Fall RV Show was tremendous show for the B YOUNG RV with a great deal of 5th wheel trailers being the major part of the sales.  The new line up of the Solitude by Grand Designs, Sanibel by Prime Time, Bay Hill by Evergreen were great hits at the show.

We and our customers had the privilege of Bob Tiffin of Tiffin Motorhomes spending a few days at the show, spent time directly with customers, shaking hands, talking about the future and just having fun!   Funny:  A customer asked for Bob’s business card, Bob picked up a brochure turned it over, pointed to his picture and then to the phone number at the bottom and told him “that’s my business card, call anytime”.  I am not sure or remember, but I do remember being on the floor laughing!

The Little Guy Teardrop trailers and the T @ B are really becoming popular and the new styles and floor-plans are hot!

On of the new T @ B trailers with outside kitchen. Some now have wet baths, yet only weigh in at under 1600 lbs. Hoorah!
On of the new T @ B trailers with outside kitchen. Some now have wet baths, yet only weigh in at under 1600 lbs. Hoorah!


Having visited both of the following Oregon State Park I have to list them both for the, Harris Beach State Park & Alfred A Leob State Park .  They are located just north of Brookings, Oregon.   Some of the spots at Harris Beach State Park, you can see the Pacific Ocean from above.  The Alfred A Leob State Park is a bit east up the Chetco River.  A smaller park with a lot of scenic ambiance.  This part of the southern Oregon Coast is a place everyone should visit and my understandings is the weather more like the Banana Belt!  Just to let you all know there are some Redwood Groves outside of Brooking, Oregon, but I was not taking the motor-home up the road.


Not sure if she was the lead cow, but she was letting me know I could leave anytime. This is a Roosevelt Elk!
Not sure if she was the lead cow, but she was letting me know I could leave anytime. This is a Roosevelt Elk!

The following little video is of nature and how things work:    Short fight between two Blacktail Deer

If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships.  Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing.

What is new just within the last week for our customers and other Priority RV customers, they will now have coverage in Canada, plus there is an APP via Smart Phone or IPAD uses for being up to date on finding the dealers while traveling in North America.  NO other program out there has anything like it!  Just take your Smart Phone or the IPAD and got to APPS and type in Priority RV in the search and low and behold the APP will appear!

I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RV via her email for a Quote: POLLY 

Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV Dumps U.S.A.

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