Rocky Mountain Elk – Bulls of Size!

I have had some great fun chasing after dandy Rocky Mountain Elk bulls and taking pictures before, during and after the hunting seasons.  The following couple of bulls had there picture taken just before the opening weekend of archery elk in Oregon.  I caught a glimpse of these elk while driving down the highway out of the corner of my eye at about a distance of 1000 yards.  I just knew that I needed to get in and take pictures of the bulls that I spotted.  This is just a few of the bulls that I saw.  A few of them were hard horn; others including a real big bull were scrapping horns and then a couple of still in the velvet.  I really like the twisted neck this one bull pictured.   It did cost me some of my blood to get the pictures.  Barbwire is not very forgiving when you slip with to much gear on board to cross a fence sometimes.  When opening day came, the bulls were long gone.  In this area they have about a 20 miles range, circle, loop or area that they work.  I always found it to be great to hunt the area, as we never see many cows ranging during the season.   On one hunt I glassed and view a group of nothing but spikes, which had 19 bulls in the group.   Another trip, I spotted a group of 14 branched bulls in group. There have not been many trips that my bro’s or I have gone without seeing a number of bulls.

I will add to these pictures in the future!



One of my favorite shots of a bull! 20 yards


Another great velvet bull – 15 yards!


Would you shoot this bull!  25 yards! Score this bull!


This bull was really angry with me!  Well maybe he was working himself up for a number of cows.

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  1. Pam, I do not, but I know a few that do. My deal is for DIY hunting. I give out areas with waypoints. Mostly for Central and Eastern Oregon. I have places for the areas west of the Cacacades also. Frank

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