Nevada Desert Bighorn – Randy R.

Frank here is a short story about my Nevada Sheep Hunt.  Feel Free to pass along!

                   Knowing, even when your on a guide hunt!

Randy R.

Desert Bighorn that I harvested this year in Nevada.

                                                                         Nevada Desert Bighorn
                                                                                November 2017

I have been trying to draw a Sheep tag since I was 18 years old.  And now at 61 years old, I figured it would never happen.

Being a Non-Resident, Nevada has been better to me than my home state of Washington in getting tags.  Much to my surprise, in June I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My name was listed in the successful column for Desert Bighorn in Nevada.  I also drew an Antelope tag for Nevada…   Thinking maybe I could Antelope hunt and have time to head south and do a scouting trip for Sheep, I found there just wasn’t enough time with my busy work schedule.

I thought it would be best to hire a guide, since this may be my only opportunity in my Lifetime to hunt Sheep.  After talking to several guides, I settled on Nevada Guide Service.   This being my first ever guided hunt, I checked out their referrals and felt good about my choice of guides.

                                                                               My One Shot Ram

This Ram Scored 163 which is a great Ram from this Unit

My son Travis would be joining me on the hunt and we could hardly wait for November.  We chose to hunt the second week, allowing us to spend time with our family over Thanksgiving.   Arriving at camp on the 28th of November around noon, we met with our guide Seth who had a Ram spotted; he thought was worth checking out.   After a long drive we me up with the other guide Jason who had been keeping eyes on the Sheep.   After looking through the spotting scope, I agreed it was a beautiful Ram, but passed as I had not waited this long to hunt Sheep and have it over the first afternoon.

The next morning Travis and Jason headed south while Seth and I went north to find Sheep.  The morning spent with Seth, we looked over dozens of sheep with a handful of nice Rams.  Shortly later we got a call from Jason, saying they had a Ram spotted we needed to look over closer.  After driving many miles south we met up with Travis and Jason, only to find out that the Ram has disappeared in to one of the many folds of rugged terrain.

Glassing up several other Sheep we decided to split up again and glass our way back towards camp.  After stopping at a few spots and spotting several more Sheep, we stopped at one last place before camp.  Right away Seth spotted a group of young Rams.  Looking more to the south, I spotted a couple of ewes.   Telling Seth where they were he got excited and said “look what’s bedded between those two ewes.”   

I knew from the moment I laid the glass on the big Ram, I knew I would be thrilled to take him.  Wanting my son to be there, we called and told Travis and Jason, we’d found the one.

                                                        Family shot- Great mass on this Ram

After a short stalk and steep uphill 350 yards shot, my dream of taking a Sheep had finally come true.

                                                         A moment of solitude with the Ram…

My only regret was tagging out so early in the hunt.   Giving many thanks to Travis, Seth and Jason, I couldn’t have had a better group of hunting partners to share this experience with

                                                  Caped for mounting heading to the game room!

Randy R.

3 thoughts on “Nevada Desert Bighorn – Randy R.”

  1. Randy,
    Great story about your hunt in Nevada for sure. A beautifully balance set of horns on the ram. I do believe it might not be your last, as now you have the hunger….


  2. Randy via Frank,

    That was a great shot on the Ram at 350 yards uphill. You got to have one steady hand. Well done, and I know the feeling of something getting over to quickly on a hunt.

    Sam Houston
    Old Steelie Fisherman

  3. Wow how exciting! Congrats.
    We live in Oregon and my husband has had a hard time getting good tags here,
    but we have friends who have gotten tags in Nev. They have done very well there.

    Again Congrats Nice Very Nice Ram

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