Gerber Reservoir Archery Pronghorn – Antelope


               Gerber Reservoir 78 P&Y Antelope

My good friend Steve Tandy and I had Archery Antelope tags for the Gerber Reservoir near the Sycan Marsh in South Central Oregon.   We made an early scouting trip near the marsh below Thompson Reservoir.   There was no doubt that there were a lot of lopes in the area.  We were not disappointed at all with the numbers.   We saw a number of dandy big bucks in the area working the water holes.

 It would make for easy setups on stalking or waiting for the lopes out near a waterhole.  The biggest problem that we had on the scouting trip were the mosquitoes, oh my were they bad, one couldn’t even take a leak without them attacking you.  Reminded me of the days in Nam with the blasted things.

 Anyway Steve and I were not able to hunt together on the opening weekend of the hunt.

Gerber Reservoir Antelope are a bit different from other antelope in the typical nature in that they work the timber in the Gerber Res. Unity and not just the open sage brush pockets.   Makes for great ambushing when you know their routes.

Anyway I was very fortune to harvest a nice respectable Antelope that scored 78 P&Y.  I made a 45 yard shot as the buck was coming out of the timber en-route to a waterhole near the power-lines.   In those days I was a shooter for PSE Archery out of Arizona.

I would recommend this area to hunt for Antelope during the Archery season, Youth Hunt or Muzzle-loader season.


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