Martin Archery 60+ Years Strong!


Think about MARTIN ARCHERYa privately owned company that is still around and being highly successful.  Not many companies with the same owners that started the company are still around.  I find those that have there next generation involved from the start will last.   I would have to put Martin Archery up there with Tiffin RV when it comes to Product, Advancement in Technology and Service. 

There are three generations at Martin Archery still today, as Gail Martin and his wife are still around to see what is going on.   I understand that Gail Martinwent Antelope Hunting last year and can still get it done at 80+!  Hoorah!  He loves to drive a B Van to go hunting with his wife.  In 2009 Terry’s brother Dan Martin went on an Antelope Hunt with dad and witness dad taking an Antelope in Wyoming.   A comment was made to someones son by Dan Martin about the hunt!  “archery is a lifelong sport”

Martin Archery has been the leaders in the archery world with innovation, especially in the Compound Bow area, with Terry Martin being the creator of technological advance bows being put into the market place.   A great deal of other bow manufacturers have most likely gain knowledge from Terry’s ideas.  Martin Archery has more than 25 patents on designs and more to come.

Another area that might be interesting to look at that is connected to Martin Archery is Rytera Archery, I understand it is  “Aliens…” “Lightyears Ahead” in the archery world with all new Seeker 365!

Martin Archery has the bow for everyone, with the long bow and re-curve for those that want traditional bow shooting.   Once you check out the 2012 Martin Archery Catalog, you’ll find that there are many to choose from. The State of Oregon actually has a Traditional Bow Hunt in a few units in the state!

I have know about Martin Archery for about 35 years myself over the years of hunting.   When I first started to shoot the bow & arrow for hunting purposes it was around 1972.   My first bows of course were re-curve bows and I chased a many a buck with them and getting a few bucks on the way.

My first Martin Compound Bow was the Martin Cougar Magnum around 1980-82 I think back to.   It was fastest bow I had ever shot and it got the job done for me and many others that bought them in the Portland Metro Area in Oregon from Old Windy Linde (Chuck Linde) at a small shop out in Clackamas, OR.   He had a rack full of Martin Cougar Magnums’ and it didn’t take long for a few of use to get dialed up with the new hot bow in the country.  I took that bow and harvested my largest Oregon Blacktail Buck ever with that bow!

Over the years I have had and still have a number of Martin Compound bows to shoot.   I would think that bows are like rifles to the rifle hunter.   One is not enough, as I know the feelings from the rifles I have or have had and the bows I still have in the garage.

It has been a while since I had gotten into wanting another bow.   My Martin Pro Series Scepter II for hunting I have had for about 12 years and my fancy Scepter for target shooting for about 11 years.   Time sometimes slips away on when you have gotten a tool for hunting.

All new Onza 3 Pro in Black! Hot Stuff!

Recently I received a new Martin Gold Series Onza 3 (III) set at 29″, 71.4 lbs and left handed in black to hunt with from Terry Martin.   It is an ultimate shooting bow, that is very fast and quiet to shoot.    I once had the original Onza in Camo that was set at 90 lbs.   Great macho bow for sure, but on one hunt it got me into trouble as I was not able to pull it back while having 2 bucks broadside.   I found a fellow employee that worked for me in Wyoming that wanted to bow hunt and he could pull it back easily.

Over the years and many arrows later I have never had a failure in the hunting field or on the range with any of my Martin Bows.    I believe in preventative maintenance and I check my cables, screws and anything else tied to the bow before going into the field and have never had to worry about my Martin.   There is a reason why Martin gives a Limited Life Time Warranty on their bows to the original owner with sales slip, they are designed to last a lifetime!

There is a reason that Martin Archery has the slogan of  “FASTEST AND MOST ACCURATE BOWS IN THE WORLD”.    Martin has always built fast, accurate and reliable bows since I can remember! 

There is another sight that is very interesting to me on Archery that everyone should visit and see what is happening in the Archery World.  There are classified ads, manufacturer’s ads, tech forum, articles on shooting and hunting, including articles from Ted Nugent himself.    Check out Archery Talk and let me know what you feel about this website.

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2 thoughts on “Martin Archery 60+ Years Strong!”

  1. While I agree that crossbows are fun and accurate, a compound bow is faster and just as accurate as well as being much cheaper. Which is why I am a compound bow shooter and gave up on crossbows and cocking straps and/or cocking cranks.

  2. Us boys down in Texas use a great deal of Martin Bows to kill the pesty Whitetails that run all over my ranch.
    Got love the speed of Martin bow, will be shooting them until I no longer pull a bow back.


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