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These are customers that have been given hunting spots or information on hunting.

2008 Grizzly Unit Deer Hunt – Story

I would like to say that this is a success story, but it could have been for a few guys.

I have always said one should listen and learn about hunting and gain knowledge.

I had a fellow sales person draw a Grizzly Unit Deer tag for 2008 and when I heard that he and his couple of buddies had done the same, I told him that I would help dial him and his buddies into an area that I have hunted a great number of times.  I also had all the BLM Coordinates, fence lines, past kill spots on large maps and loaded on Garmin GPS’s.

I told him I would share it all just to see how the hunt would go for them in the area, since the BLM has closed it off to quads.  I had given TJ the maps and also had him get some other paper maps.  

TJ left the company and I just heard from him on October 24th after I called TJ on his cell.

 This is how the hunt when for TJ & Buddies:

The guys decided that on opening day they would hunt the area around Gateway, just north of Madras between Hwy 26 and Hwy 97.  They had heard that there might be some good hunting down there.  Well that didn’t turn out very well, a lot of private land.  That area has been greatly overgrazed, which I have known for a long time of scouting and my Ranch Forman buddy Ben who has worked on one of those ranches in the area.

The second day hunting off of my directions and the maps, the guys were parked along Hwy 218 waiting until day light to venture into the unknown sage, rimrock, draws and Junipers.   As they sat in the truck waiting for light, another hunter stopped by and told them they were wasting their time hunting the spot they were glassing at first light.   “Three big bucks were killed in that drainage yesterday at first light”.  

The hunter also told them “I have killed a good buck every year in this area”  The hunter then parked at the spot along the road to drop down to the old quad trails leading up into the canyons.   They had waited to long to move out of the truck and head into the draw leading up to the ridge.   By the time they got oranized one of TJ’s partners saw the guy kill a dandy 4X4 buck.

As the day wore on as TJ told me, one of his partners up near a spring and had a good buck in his sights for more than 10 minutes.   He thought that the buck was to far and watch the buck just mill around.   I know the spot well, as I myself and other partners used it as landmark while using Quads in the days of past to get out late in the evenings.

Anyway the buck moved on and over the hill, he followed the bucks but could not get any closer.  As TJ tells me of the story, the walked off the distance.   The buck had stood there for some 10 minutes feeding at 150 yards.

This is a great opening day spot and end of the season spot.   Many deer get moved off the private ranches into the BLM.


2008 Oregon Gerber Res. Youth Hunt – Spencer’s Hunt


Spencer’s 2008 Gerber Antelope Buck

I received an email from Robert Glover an old customer of mine for the days at Valley RV Center in McMinnville, OR.   Robert has been hunting in Oregon for more than 25 years and himself took a dandy Lope out of the Silvies #2 hunt a couple of years back.  I had at the time got Robert into the area around Chickahominy Reservoir PS waypoints.    Robert knew that I had hunted the Gerber Reservoir Unit a number of times and asked me if I could get him and his nephew into the area.

I have not gotten all of the details from the hunt, but it looks like Spencer had a great hunt.

According to another fellow that I sent into the area during bow season he had seen a number of bucks and missed a dandy at a waterhole during the season.  


2008 Oregon S. Wagontire Antelope Hunt – Robison


Mike Robison with is 2008 S. Wagontire Antelope buck at a new found waterhole! 

I have attached the pictures we each took our first Lope and had a great time.  There were more hunters than we expected and they had the lope kind of scattered.  We didn’t see any from the waypoints that you provided.  My son took his on private property and I took mine from a watering hole that we found.  A lot of the watering holes had dried up that moved the animals around as well. I plan on sending you some way points on a couple of spots that we found that had bigger animals.  We had an awesome time and we also took a few jack rabbits.  I will send more pictures later. 

                                        Thanks for the help!  Mike

robison-002.JPGMike’s son 2008 S. Wagontire Antelope Buck!

2008 Silvies #2 Antelope Hunt – Parker


 Ron’s Big Silvies Lope 2008 – Well earn Antelope!


What an awesome trip, the desert definitely is a place to respect; I lost a few layers of skin as I was in the sun all day.

Sent just a few pictures, have many more, not sure how many you can get on a hotmail account. 


I saw this buck on the ridge Tuesday on my way in and went up there every day, say him two times more and then on Saturday I went way above him and waited for him, could not find him and on my way out he jumped up about 2 hundred yards in front of me and I hit him while he ran through the sage brush. Really never new how big he was until I walked up on him, then the celebration started, WOW Thank you Lord!  And he was not that hard to drag. Here is a picture of him hanging.


Really enjoyed the maps but still could not make the GPS work 100%, will have to play with it more at a later time.   Used paper map mostly, I did drive around Dry Lake and did not see one Antelope. Now who says fat boys can’t hunt.


Hunting Spot     At the Station   Garret Skinning


2008 Oregon S. Wagontire Antelope – Dahlke


            Fred with his 2008 Oregon Hunt Unit – S. Wagtontire Pronghorn

I thought I would share this hunt with all of you that are future hunters of the Prairie Ghost.  Fred and his son were successful in drawing a 2008 Oregon South Wagontire Antelope tags with his son.  Fred and his son are avid hunters and Fred has been harvesting game for more than 50 years.  

Anyway Fred got a hold of me via email and we setup a meeting at my work location.   I had asked Fred to get a Garmin GPS and I would set it up for him.   He also had gotten some maps to have reference to the area.   Fred had made a scouting trip prior to our meeting.  Fred had gone into the same area that I had planned for him to hunt when we talked.  He hadn’t seen any Pronghorns covering probably more than 100 miles of dirt road travel.   I told Fred, don’t worry Antelope’s aren’t called the Prairie Ghost for a reason and I assured him he would see a number of bucks to look at.Fred brought in his

Garmin GPS that he just bought for me to setup.   I quickly made sure that it had the latest upgrade from Garmin, which is free.   I then loaded up the map set for the area that I wanted him to hunt with Topo maps, way-points and one track.   I also went over the maps with Fred and some information about travel and what to look for.
Fred purchased the Garmin Etrex Legend

After talking with Fred and giving a quick GPS lesson, I called a friend Rod B.  a retired Navy Commander to get an update of the seeding area for Fred.   Rod was quite helpful in giving me final ideas.  I gave Fred a call and gave him the latest information about the area.Fred and his son both had a successful hunt with great memories!  The following are a few of the words that I got from Fred after his hunt.

“We had a very successful hunt!”
“We hunted the benches as you suggested and did find numerous animals there and on the road beside the lake approximately 6 miles down the road there are a lot of springs in that stretch of the lakeside.  The springs could be found 5 to 8 miles of the lakeside.”   “Thank you for the very successful hunt and all the way-points you gave me, we found animals with chances to shoot them.”              “Thank you so much for your directions and your info, without it I am not sure we would have scored a kill”

Fred Dahlke



         Fred’s buck on the hard deck after passing up on many Lopes!