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2013 Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA Special Floorplan Diesel Pusher

Special Floorplan Tiffin Diesel Pusher for Hunters & Fishing Teams

I thought I would introduce this to my fellow hunters and fishermen or ladies that love the outdoors.  You can have as many as 8 people sleep in this motorhome.  It has great power and road height to get into the back country in style!

#2566 2013 Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA

Enjoy if you take the time to watch!

It was done on the Willamette River and Clackamas River in Oregon City, Oregon!



Frank’s RV News Letter March 2012

The News Letter is late, but not forgotten!

Well I am finally getting to my March RV News Letter at the end of the month.   It has been a very busy month with the Portland Metro RV Show at the first of the month.

The RV Show was a very good show for the company once we got through the first two (2) days of the show, which seemed like a ghost town.   When Friday came all of the dealers were very busy selling RV’s.   Towable RV’s were the main items selling for all of use.   Now after the show the follow-up on motorize has been very good.  It appears that 2012 is going to be a great year for the RV business, even though the cost of gas and diesel is up.  It is still cheaper to use an RV for a year, than it is to go to Disneyland for a week with a family of 4.

At the show B YOUNG RV introduced a couple of new products that had overwhelming results in sales and viewing. In the trailer side the all new Kodiak travel trailer from Dutchmen was displayed and we sold out the display of trailers that were at the show!

The next highlight of RV’s was the all new REDWOOD 5th Wheel from Thor.  The Redwood is the Flagship for Thor, who also owns Keystone RV, Dutchmen, Airstream and many more RV companies.   The Redwood is designed in the larger unit for full time residence living.  The Redwood comes with a two (2) year warranty and there are no penalties for being full time with RV, as it is with some manufacturers.

B YOUNG RV is expanding the part department as I write this news letter on Sunday afternoon.   It is time for the company to expand to a greater size in the parts store.  Many new items will be added for our present customers and future customers.   Recently I notice that we have added a full line of Solar Panel systems both in fixed and portable.   The new product is Zamp Solar and I understand that Tiffin Motorhomes in the future will be using this product on their Motorhomes.

Zamp Solar Fixed Panel Line-Up!Zamp Solar in the portable line-up!









Zamp Solar in the portable line-up!









Speak about Tiffin Motorhome; a recent new arrival from Tiffin Motorhomes is the Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36L.   The 36L is an all new floorplan with an extremely large living area.   It is the first in a long time to have a washer/dryer in a gas motorhome.   There is the luxury of a having a bath and half in this floorplan.   The exterior paint scheme is in Sunlit Sand!

Maybe next month I will put out a picture of the RV that I plan to buy once it is built.  It is about time for my family to get a bigger RV that will take us into the next few years in recreational fun!

Feature Picture of the Month

This picture of a Blue Heron was taken at W. Delta Park during the PDX RV Show 2012


2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze

2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze – State of the Arc Short Diesel Pusher – Powerglide Air Ride

I have attached a U-Tube Video for your enjoyment of the 2012 Tiffin Breeze!

LINK:  Tiffin Allegro Breeze – 14+ miles to the gallon Diesel Pusher!

Frank Biggs 503-737-9595

Frank’s RV News Letter Feburary 2012

As I write this current RV Newsletter from my office at B Young RV, I thought I would keep it on the light side with no sales pitch!

At the first of January 2012, Bruce Young had decided to be included in the Portland Boat Show; the promoter established a combine show and called it the Portland Boat Show & Rose City RV Show.

It turned out to be a really fun show, with a different atmosphere from the usual RV Show.  Tuesday evening from 6-9 there was a buffet for buying customers that had the Special Coin which was a Special Invite.  The place was packed, maybe because of the free food, or that the companies that had boats invited everyone they knew.   Customers for the most part were there because of the boats.  Then the surprise of the amount folks that were highly interested in RV’s and took the time to check them out.  Without asking customers would gave sales consultants there name, either an email or phone number to call them at a later date.

It was a lot of fun for both the Sales Staff and the Customers that were at the Show!

The highlight of the show was all the chatter about a group of customers that were at B YOUNG RV at one of the round tables with Wine, Chips, Peanuts, Dip and glasses for 10!  That happened to be David, Kathy and their good friends Nick & Jan who came to have a good time and buy a new 2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 32’ motorhome.   David & Kathy had bought a 2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 32’ in 2011 at the Redmond,OR Good Sam Rally.  It was great and at the end of the deal, the Sales Manager was saved a small glass of wine!  The last drop!

I almost forgot about Walt & Helen, who bought a Tiffin Allegro Bus from during the month of January.   Some months back Walt and Helen had decided to give up the road and sold their Neumar Diesel to the dealership and headed to a retirement community out in east county outside of Portland, OR.   I got a call somewhere around the end of December I believe from Walt.  He told what they had done and now have decided retirement is not for them in a place that tells you when you have to eat and the other people sit in chairs all day.    I did know that Walt was a decorated Army Combat Medic and was a Purple Heart recipient.   I most likely did not listen to what war he was in, but when he and Helen came in to look at 40′ diesel, I soon learned he was a WWII VET.   He was wearing his WWII Combat Hat!  His WWII life was most interesting in the fact that he fought in the Battle of the Bulge, a great battle during the winter of 1944 and into 1945.   He spent more than 3 weeks behind enemy lines with Germans all around him and his men.   They were without adequate food, clothing, shelter and ammo.  He survived this battle to come home and marry his grade school sweetheart.   It was a privilege to be able to spend time with the both of them before they head out for the open road and spend some time in Arizona.   They did put their furniture in storage, so they will have it when they decide to finally be willing to be told when to eat, they have something to sit on!

As you know the rains were fierce in January, snow came to the mountains and then it got warm causing many of the rivers to rise to flood stage.  Well the Willamette River  & the Clackamas River weren’t left out of that, lucky it didn’t come up to the levels of 1996.   There is some humor from the dealership in relationship to our customer’s Ray & Shirley.  They called me and asked if they could stay at the dealership over night as they were having some repairs done on their 2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze, I told them we really didn’t have a good place to stay, but that Clackamette Park on the Willamette River had spots and it was close.  “Great he said that will work”, though I made a comment that the river was rising and to say at the inboard spots and they should be OK.    The following picture is from the next day after they headed back to Tacoma.

View from the road at McDonald on Friday! I understand the drive home to Tacoma was worst than this sight!

Skipping to business now and letting anyone that has not bought an RV as of yet, don’t wait until you can’t use one.  Now is the time as prices are still great on RV’s at B Young RV, but the big deal is the interest rate for those that qualify for loans, the interest rates are at all time lows.

I remember back in 2004 when the rate was very good, but it is even better now.  Back in 2004 there were buy down interest rates.  Don’t have to do that to get good rates anymore.  Make the great deal on an RV and still have a great loan rate.  Maybe it is because of election year or the government is still trying to figure it out.  The banks are loaning money to qualified buyers.   Many institutions have come to the dealership and want us on-board with their bank and credit unions.

I feel that Polly our Finance and Credit Manager can help just about everyone.

Feature Wildlife Picture 

Rocky Mountain Bull - Antelope, OR

This month I have put L.L. STUB STEWART as the place to go, as it close to Portland, Oregon on the way to the Seaside, OR at the Oregon Coast.  It is a very large park with more than 20 miles of hiking trails.  I have yet to go there, but it now on my list of State Parks to go to this Spring and Summer.  It is open year round, great for those that camp year round.  You find the park brochure at a click of the mouse.

If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships. Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RV via her email for a Quote: POLLY

Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV Dumps U.S.A.

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Frank’s RV News Letter January 2012

First off I thought I would get the News Letter Months back in line with a forwarding though process as this is the January 2012 RV News Letter!

Well we are finally into 2012 and things are already looking up in the economy and the RV World.   An even year is always good and positive in our minds, though I was born on an odd year and a Gemini!
2011 ended as a very good RV selling year at B Young RV and I was able to end the calendar year with 1 used Southwind 32VS Motorhome, 2012 Tiffin Breeze 28’ Diesel Pusher and a Touring Edition 290RLT Crusader 5th Wheel.   Glad the bad weather held on in December, which means were going start off the new calendar year strong!

So starting off the New Year there is going to be an Rose City RV Show & Portland Boat Show at Expo starting January 11th thru January 15th 2012.   Your going to get two shows for the price of one!  B YOUNG RV will be in    Hall C with just about every category of RV that we sell.   This will be a first for the show in January that will also be Recreational Vehicles Show in a long time.   Since we are past the bad weather and the economy is getting better, why not take advantage of the 2011 pricing on new 2012 RV’s.

To my surprise the new Little Guy Tear Drop trailers have been selling very well here at B YOUNG RV.   A bit of a surprise for me, but many of the folks buying them have wanted to venture into RETRO.   I have seen a couple of Little Guys leaving behind Subaru Outback’s!

Little Guy Teardrop Trailers are the hit of the show room!

Looking forward to seeing the new lines of RV’s that Bruce and Mark decided to have shipped to us after the big Louisville Dealer RV Show!   Now only if we had more room at the dealership for everything.   Growing pains for sure here and it would be great to gain some more ground to show off our inventory.

Many of the RV Manufacturers are now using LED lighting in the ceiling and what a difference it makes for the lighting.   I like it as it seems more crisp and brighter than the incandescent lights that have been used.  The incandescent light also runs much warmer and sometimes hot to the touch of the bulb.  Have you every notice how the plastic covers can melt or deform if the lights are left on too long?  With the LED you won’t have this problem and they will last 50 to 60 times long.  They will also draw less wattage than the incandescent light bulb.   So if you are thinking about switching over in your RV, B YOUNG RV has a number of LED lights on sale for $14.95 in either the Cool (Blue-Bright) or Warm (much like incandescent).   You can contact Chris or Mark at 503-305-8586 for further information on LED lights.

Something new has arrived at B YOUNG RV to start off the New Year!

Dutchmen Kodiak is back at B YOUNG RV with an all new look!


B YOUNG RV has brought back in the all New 2012 Kodiak Trailer by Dutchmen

Wildlife Picture of the Month


Pictures taken on the Big Muddy Ranch (BLM)


Folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships.  Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RV via her email for a Quote: polly@byoungrv.com

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Tiffin RV Motorhomes #1 Class A Motorhome





Tiffin RV Number 1 Class A Motorhome you ask?   Tiffin is Number 1 and just think they only build Class A motorhomes in both Diesel and Gas!  Tiffin has six (6) different models of Motorhomes in their line-up!

My name is Frank Biggs and let me explain why Tiffin RV is Number 1 in the Class A Motorhome business and why you should make them your Number 1 choice in your future decision in buying a Class A Motorhome!

Tiffin RV has been in business since 1972, so this next year they will be celebrating 40 years of successful business in a growing lifestyle.   A great deal of people ask me about Tiffin and who are they, I mention Allegro and then a light comes on.  Even for myself when I was selling a competitors product over the years past, I knew about Allegro Motorhomes as I would see them on the road.  I do remember seeing my first Phaeton Diesel Pusher out at a dealer that was a Fleetwood Dealer.   It had come in for service as the dealership was the closest dealer to the customer that could service the coach.  It was a hot piece to look at and I understood why I lost the sale to this customer that I was trying to sell a Discovery too!

Tiffin RV is a privately held company that is owned by Bob & Judy Tiffin to this day.   Bob and Judy’s boys and even a grandson are fully involved in the daily operations of the most successful motorhome manufacturer in the business!  I tell my customers that the boys learned how to sweep floors first!

Tiffin RV has the best warranty in the business, with a 10 year structural warranty and a 5 year delamination warranty.  So if the owner of a Tiffin Motorhome do preventative maintence on a schedule they should never have any major issues with the Coach.  

These days on the Gas Class A motorhomes, Tiffin is going to use the Ford F Series Motorhome Chassis  22,000 GVWR even on the short 30′ CA Allegro Open Road.    The Ford Chassis and Powertrain has been proven to be the most reliable and easiest to get worked on at more dealers than any other chassis.


  Video is of the POWERGLIDE CHASSIS

In the Diesel line up there are a few other choices on Chassis with the Freightliner, Powerglide Chassis (Tiffin RV’s Own)  and the Spartan K2 depending on the model.   All are proven in the motorhome market and will be power by Cummins Diesels, except on the Powerglide Chassis used in the Breeze with will have the Navistar Force 7 V-8 Diesel Engine.

The following video is the Tiffin Breeze when it first arrived at the Dealership

The following are links to the all six (6) of Tiffin RV motorhome brands.  Take the time to look at all of them along the way.

I have attached a Tiffn RV Network Forum, so you can read the tesitmonials and comments by owners and none owners.   This will give you an insight as to why you should choose a Tiffin RV Motorhome as your motorhome of choice for your future on the Open Road in North America and seeing what you have missed for the last 30 years!

Tiffin RV Motorhome:    ZEPHYR                                          Diesel

Tiffin RV Motorhome:   ALLEGRO BUS                            Diesel

Tiffin RV Motorhome:  PHAETON                                       Diesel

Tiffin RV Motorhome:  ALLEGRO RED                            Diesel

Tiffin RV Motorhome:  ALLEGRO BREEZE                  Diesel   Small

Tiffin RV Motorhome:  ALLEGRO “OPEN ROAD”    Gas Powered


“When you drive up to our plant in Red Bay, Alabama, you won’t come across a slick corporation, operated by far-flung investors. What you will find is a family business. With members of the Tiffin family on-site, working every day. For us, this is more than a business venture — we feel like it’s our calling. For our family to serve your family — with good service and a product you can feel proud of driving down the road. The relationships we’ve built with our owners over the years speak for themselves. They’re unique in the industry, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have gotten to know so many of you. And we are every bit as proud of the dedicated crew of craftsmen who work with us. At Tiffin, the feeling of family and commitment extends all the way down the assembly line.”

It is your choice to make the correct choice in  motorhomes, it is your money and you want the best you can buy with your money.   Your choice in a motorhome should be to buy a motorhome that will last your lifetime of RVing!    Frank Biggs  

Frank’s RV News Letter July 2011

What a month that July was this year with the Good Sam Rally in Redmond and the selling of
27 Tiffin Motorhomes at the show!  Tiffin #1

Tiffin 32' Allegro Breeze's in view at B YOUNG RV

     Picture of the Month:  
Two Tiffin Allegro Breeze’s getting ready to be shipped to Austraila!
Two Tiffin Allegro Breeze’s at the Dealership available for sale! 

2012 Dutchmen Voltage 3200 5th Wheel Toyhauler

Feature RV for this month Dutchmen RV 2012 Voltage 3200 5th Wheel Toy Hauler!

Unlike any other Toy Hauler out there, including the F—–, R—–, C——, the Voltage uses the front cap as part of the bedroom, giving much more room in the sleeping area.  The front cap has structure instead of Wood and Pink Panther like the competition.   Also all the slide out walls are bonded and not just a hollow wall system with Pink Panther insulation.  You notice two (2) A/C units with one (1) in the front Bedroom which is ducted!  This has become the #1 Toy Hauler in Canada, Bar None!

Link:   Oregon State Parks     Reservations:  Oregon State Parks N.W

I would strongly suggest that you buy an Oregon State Park Day Use Permit there are so many advantages to having one when you have an RV in the State Oregon.  I believe that a Two (2) year permit is $50.00! 

This month I have put Lake Billy Chinook as the place to go, just outside of Madras, Oregon.  Link:  The Cove Palisades State Park   This park is design for the the skier, hunter, sunbather, fisherman and even the hiker.    For those that fish, there are a vast amount of different fish in the lake, with Kokenee, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Dolly Varden, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass and even large Crawdads.

Link: If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships. Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RVvia her email for a Quote: POLLY

Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV DUMPS U.S.A.RV

For the scouters and hunters leaving for Antelope Season in Oregon!

20 yards on the Lope! Years of past!

Frank Biggs Frank’s Email or Frank’s RV Bio!  503-459-3957



2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 32′ For Sale – Oregon

2011 Tiffin Breeze 32' Diesel Pusher

Have you been wanting to see and touch the all new 2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 32′ Diesel Pusher.

LINK: 2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 32′



Look no further than B YOUNG RV  16803 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd. Milwaukie, OR        B YOUNG RV

 The following Breeze in this Video is here now.   You will find the Tiffin Breeze to be a great deal under the competition.  Oh!  The competition has not been able to make a small Diesel Pusher that rides correctly.   Well Bob Tiffin of Tiffin Motorhomes in RED BAY, Alabama has done it.

 The Breeze it built on the Power Glide Chassis and Air Ride and Air leveling system…  Powered by the Navistar Maxxforce 7 Diesel and with the Allison Transmission…  It is a fully loaded motorhome! 

Lots of OptionS: Sat Dish-6.0KW Onan Diesel Generator, 3 Panasonic TV’s, Power Driver/Passenger Seat, Leather seating, Ice Maker in the Freezer of the Refrigrator, Electric front shade both day and night, Full Body Paint….

 A must see and own motorhome located in Portland, OR.  Taking Orders Now while the price is low….

Contact: FRANK

frankb@byoungrv.com   Frank’s RV Bio       503-737-9595 CELL