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Bwana Bubba’s Thoughts – You just have to ask!


Just asking you might gain access…


Getting permission to hunt a parcel of land is just like being a salesperson. If you don’t ask for the sale, most customers don’t think you care…   You won’t get the Sale!

2017 is know ahead for all of us to hunt.  The 2nd Amendment is safe.  Most states have the 2017 Hunting Regulations out.  Doing your research early, before having to put your applications can lead to success.  Scouting prior to application deadline and or long before your chosen hunt unit is critical for success.   I write and talk about onXmaps HUNT all the time about being one of the great keys to un-lock hunting success.  It is all true!  To be one of the 10% that take 90% of the game, then you have to absorb the positive and proven tips that are given to to by the successful 10%…

I want you to think about this scenario, you have been driving by a ranch, vineyard, farm, tree farm or just some private harvested timber land.  There are No Trespassing Signs and No Hunting posted on fence posts and trees, with game animals abounding and you notice a number of Coyotes working the area.  The signs have no phone numbers or names.  What to do you ask yourself, there is no way I am gaining access to hunt…  

There are many ways to get it done and as great salesperson you can make it happen in many cases.  First off I would purchased  onXmaps HUNT and have it on your Smart phone,  I suggest to have a Garmin GPS (colored screen-micro SD chip slot) also.

Working the different parcels of privately own properties your interested in, you will know the land owner’s name/names and in some cases the Trustee because you have onXmaps HUNT.   Now via Whitepages, and other public knowledge websites, you can get the phone number.  Relax, take a breath and be sure you have a smile on your face when talk on the phone…

Getting out early to scout prior to the season, you can find the game, such is the case with Rocky Mtn bull that was sleeping.

So many times over the course of life, I meet people while in the field, so asking who owns the land when you see a neighbor, should be no big deal.  Even going so far asking the neighbor how can I get a hold of the landowner is not out of the question.  Many times in the remote area, there might b an old cafe or gas station.  Another great way to gather information.

This Willamette Valley Blacktail buck was on private property that I gained access to. He was harvested the following year from this picture. 3X3 w/eye guards are fairly typical in Blacktail deer.

For many years I drove by a large piece of rural land that was growing wild radishes.  I thought they were weeds. I would see a couple of B&C and many P&Y Willamette Blacktails.  Finally when I got my first sample of HUNTINGGPSMAPS (onXmaps HUNT) from the company, I was able to dial in the future vineyard owner’s name.  I did a little background on the owner to make sure I had the correct person.  I called and told the owner that I drove by his place almost everyday.  That I would love to be able to take pictures of the deer on the property.  I asked permission to be able to photograph first.  It was early May, within  couple of months noticing the Coyotes and that he had chickens and geese free ranging, I called him again, I told him I could help reduce the Coyote population.  Finally in early August I asked for permission to bow for the deer.  I was informed by Michael (owner) that he intended to raise grapes.  In the State of Oregon to have venue events, you need a vineyard…  The following year with a rifle tag and bow tag, I asked if I could hunt deer with a rifle.  That privilege was also granted.  It also help to have a common bond.  Micheal was a Combat Engineer in Nam and I was a Navy Spook attached to the Marines in Nam. Brothers…

You have to remember that not all ranchers, farmers, and landowners are in it monetary when it comes to hunting.  I would bet that if a landowner is approached in the proper mindset, permission would be granted more times than rejected. 

This Oregon Mule Deer buck worked both B.L.M. and private land.

Over the years, hunters that I have met and talked to about the subject, give me back positive feedback.  Yes sometimes  they mend fences, bring a bottle, bring Salmon, ride a fence line, give a knife, buy dinner in town, but that is from the heart to a new friend.  Myself, I have hunted more ranches and farms than I can count. Many have border public land that I primarily hunt or fish during my lifespan! I have never paid cash for access, yet at certain times of the year, they might have something on their doorstep…

Use onXmaps HUNT products to gain the knowledge to gain access to private land.  It also will be the tool to know the landowners that border public land and vice versa.



Frank Biggs aka Bwana Bubba




Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter Dec 2013


Looking forward to 2014 an Even Year!

He won't be there for Christmas Dinner!
He won’t be there for Christmas Dinner!

I truly wish everyone that reads this, A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I do hope that the Holidays are great with the gathering of family and friends.   May the New Year bring prosperity to this great Nation and those that support Her!

2013 Has been a great year for B Young RV and the employees’ of our company that will start it’s 5 year in business.   I have been blessed to work for B Young RV from the first couple of months of being of being open.    It is great to work for a company that truly cares about their employees, for the second year in a row Bruce Young and his business partner Mark Bretz have given to every employee with profit sharing checks at a time of the year that everyone can use it.  It is blessing to all that receive that never expected it!

The November 2013 Metro RV Show was an outstanding show with the selling of every Tiffin Allegro Open Road Motorhome.   I would have to say it was a wild time at the show.   One of my new customers came to the show while heading out of town to Montana.   They just had to see and touch the new Tiffin Open Road 36LA they had heard so much about.   Words as they were leaving “we will be back, we are buying that coach.”  They did come back the following week and buy a Tiffin Allegro Open Road  36LA like we had at the show in Maroon Coral exterior, though they had to do a factory order.   The Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP, didn’t last long either at the show, as neighbors’ to the north of CONUS came to the show and bought it…   I can only say it was a recorded show for B YOUNG RV!

If I haven’t said it before, it is true that everyone can camp year round in Oregon.  RVing is a year round event in Oregon.  Do you remember how the weather was in Portland Metro area of Oregon during Thanksgiving this year?   Well we pulled our motorhome out of storage at Portland Luxury RV & Boat Storage in Milwaukie, Oregon on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  I had told PLRB, that I would not be using it until January!   “Hmm!” Dawn said to me at PLRB!  Head out on Tuesday in the Heavy Fog on I-5.   We took the cutoff to Drain and Reedsport with the fog trying to lift in the coastal mountains, once we hit the turn off to Loon Lake on the Umpqua Highway the blue sky emerged.   From what I understand the fog never lifted in Portland during the time we were gone.   The weather was great and the temperature was around 50-55 degrees on the Oregon Coast.   Fish & Chips at Bedrocks on the wharf at Winchester Bay, Oregon and the cook did disclose where he had harvest the nice Roosevelt Bull that hangs in hangs in the back dining area. . .  Classified!

A new wild edition scheme at B Young RV!
A new wild edition scheme at B Young RV!


Remember that you are family and can stop by anytime!   Coffee, Cookie and RV’s Always!


Something new with a roof and A/C!
Something new with a roof and A/C!

Frank Biggs




Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter Jun 2011

 The day after the 4th of July! 
My house did not burn down from neighbor’s rocket bombs!
2011 Prime Time Crusader 270RET 5th Wheel



Feature RV for this month Prime Time Crusader 5th Wheel, designed for the modern day 1/2 Ton Truck. PRIME TIME RV   Take note of the truck that is hauling the Crusader 320 RLT @ 9200 Dry Weight FORD F150 ECOBOOST this truck doesn’t SQWAUK!

 I truly hope that all of you had a great 3 day weekend with July 4th falling on Monday!
There was great deal to appreciate for all us that were able to enjoy the day of great Country being founded! Thanks to our military personnel we are still able to be part of the land of the free and the freedom enjoy the day for what it stands for.
This next week some of our Sales Staff will be over in Redmond, OR July 14th – July 17th for the Good Sam Rally (Infinity Rally).       GOOD SAM RALLY 2011  

B YOUNG RV will have their full display of   Tiffin RV Motorhomes and some extras sent in from the factory.  The area that the display is at will be shared by a couple of other dealerships. Make sure if you go to the Rally, that you find one of the B YOUNG RV Sales Staff to help you and please mentioned Frank’s RV New Letter.

Bob & Judy Tiffin’s 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 40′ QBH one of a kind will be there somewhere and some lucky new Tiffin Owner will be leaving with it. I understand that there is great interest and someone better step up to the plate and put a chunk of money down on it to get first right of refusal.
June was a very good month in the RV business for all the dealerships and especially at B YOUNG RV. B YOUNG RV has been instrumental in making Tiffin RV to hold 53% of the motorhome sales in the Pacific Northwest! Hoorah!

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to borrow from the the company a Used Class A motorhome and took it down to the Oregon Coast, staying at Beachside and SOUTH BEACH. It was the first time at Beachside that we have ever been able to see the ocean from a campsite. Most of the great spots are taken up by out of state campers. I can’t blame them as Oregon has some of the finish State Parks in the U.S.A., which are very reasonable in price to camp with great bathroom and shower facilities. South Beach is a very large Oregon State Park and I got the last spot in the middle of the week. Of course the weather was great and so was the Chowder and Clam Strips at Mo’s at Lincoln City, Oregon.

 B YOUNG RV has a new Sales Manager – Brett Frost – Seasoned Veteran in the business and already I like the man. He is there to help the Sales Staff, but most important he is an extension of Bruce Young the owner of the company. That is to say they both are BELIEVERS and feel that the customers should be able to come in and have fun with the freedom to explore. James Manning is back to selling and trying to be number one in sales, on Sunday and vacations he is the desk manager. It is great to honest managers working for the customers and the sales staff.

 I thought I would give a little input on GPS Systems (Global Position System) to my followers. As I stated earlier I have a GPS service on hunting and fishing in Oregon for the most part.  Recently as this is a free service or hobby, I have told my new friends that I will no longer do paper maps. To keep simple I have requested if they want my help that they need to buy a Garmin GPS (Color) and a particular software for their needs. Now for the RVer, in my opinion I believe that GARMIN is the best there is for portable GPS Systems, with software updates to be free and very easy to do with the updater. The Nuvi products of current are fast and easy to use. One can stop navigation without taking their eyes off the road. Many can be multi-purpose in that you can get other map software and install on a Micro SD Chip that goes into the current Nuvis’. I use a lot of handhelds while in the field and will soon have the all new MONTANA 650T. Allowing me to take a picture of a spot and it becomes part of the map to relate back to a spot. It will also work in the RV as a turn by turn GPS, such as the Nuvi. I have tested many GPS products of the course of 15 years. A GPS has to be user friendly and after a model is discontinued it still needs to work newer computer systems and operating platforms that change with the wind!I do believe that B YOUNG RV has growing pains and running out of room at the current lot. McLoughlin Blvd is a great place to be as some 25-30 thousand people drive by the Dealership. It is great to have more than one trailer in the same model number, as once you run out it might be three (3) months before the factory can get one to you.  Now in the case of Tiffin RV Motorhomes (Build one Class A Gas & Diesel) it is another story. Tiffin RV cannot keep up with the demand of the Class A Customer. Bob Tiffin will never lower his standards and crank out RV’s. His quality control and giving a first class Class A to the customer is of great importance to him. We are very proud to be the Number 1 Tiffin Dealer in the Northwest!

For those that are interested in getting an RV before the summer is over, we have a great deal of RV’s (2011’s) with very aggressive pricing. The company also offers two (2) different extended warranty programs for our customers. Recently a customer that had a Safari Trek he has had for a long came in an bought an extended warranty. I was going to sell him a new RV, but his Trek was in such nice condition that he decide to keep it, but did not feel good about traveling around the U.S.A., without protection. Polly Smith our Finance Manager got him dialed in. We are a full service dealer that want to take care of all RVer’s out there. There is much more than making a sale on an RV, after the sale it is important for the customers to know that we are here for them at B YOUNG RV. With the Priority RV Network the company as been utilizing the FAST TRACK SYSTEM to get customers out on the road quickly when they come in with an emergency and a trip planned.

Link: If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships. Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RVvia her email for a Quote: POLLY

Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV DUMPS U.S.A.RV

Blacktail Deer - June 29th 2011 25 yards Public Land