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Frank’s RV Newsletter December 2016

2016 A Year to Remember Forever

I would like to wish all our customers a:

Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Holidays

And of course Happy New Year.  I have the privilege to have my 8 year old granddaughter Addison celebrating Christmas with us for the past 8 years. 

May the New Year be great for all!

Another year has gone by and what an exciting year it has been at B Young RV.   The company still wants to expand into Washington.  Finding build able land has been a problem, it seems all the land that has been looked doesn’t meet code to the environment…   So with the plans to expand, so have the product lines, especially with motorize. 

This is the 33.1 Palazzo Diesel Pusher. Only 34′ long and full body paint!

We now have the Thor Palazzo diesel pusher motorhome (a great deal of standard features) , Thor Quantum Class C

One of the best interiors of any Class C in the market place. Now with a 6 speed transmission!

(Cabinets like a high end diesel pusher) and the Winnebago Navion B+ Sprinter motorhome in our lineup.   As for 5th Wheel products we have the all new Vanleigh RV – Vilano product line.  The company is headed up by Bob Tiffin, Van Tiffin and his son Leigh Tiffin, having many of the great Tiffin features plus the company values that we have known for more than 44 years. 

The Vilano, just think it has multiplex wiring, turn on most everything at one area.

I find it amazing with the growth of the company in just 8 years.   Bruce Young, I find to be a visionary and living the dream allowing his team to prosper and be part of the whole business…  The company is ever growing and improving Customer Service and Community Service.

A on a funny note about improving, for 7 years we have had an area on the south lot, when it rains we have a pond and mud hole when it shrinks up.   Well today 12/22/2016 we no longer have that obstacle on the south lot. 

Improvements on the property, whether outside or inside it is being done. This includes the shops!

I want to thank all the customers of B Young RV, which have bought from me and the dealership.  I also thank the customers that did come in and even if we did not sell to you that you are always welcome at B Young RV. 

As for myself I have gone to a 4 day a week position and still in sales.  I am fortunate that management has allowed this.  Since my last newsletter we have acquired two Top Management Leaders for the Sales Team.  Bill & David are two highly talent men that make it easy for our customers and B Young RV to put a buying experience together.  

I thought I would leave you all with a little video of a Cougar.  This video was take in the summer of 2103, since then more have moved in to this rural area, just outside the city limits of Molalla, Oregon.FR

Frank Biggs 503-737-9595

B Young RV – frankb@byoungrv.com

Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter – July 2016

“One of the greatest times in Life is RVing!”

 Sunsets in the east are grand!
Sunsets in the east are grand!

What a great time to be in the RV business, seeing so many RV’s on the road and in the RV Parks!  Now in 7th year with B Young RV, it only gets better.   B Young RV has now move into being in the 10 Ten in the North America in the sales of Tiffin Motorhomes.

The company has expanded with a distribution center in another location.  Inbound RV’s will go there first to get a Preliminary Pre-Delivery Inspection and any minor repairs that are needed from the travel time from the factories.   We also have extra storage at the location that only has only technicians working there.  A very important expansion as we do not have enough space at our main location for all the RV’s we have in inventory.  We also have a full RV Body Repair and Paint facility at the location.  Here at B Young RV, we are the RV Dealer to get all your needs taken care of.

Just after our June Expo show the wife and I hit the road with the intention to traveling into California along Hwy 101, I wanted to do photo ops on Roosevelt Elk.  We headed down I-5 with the first stop being Seven Feathers RV Resort, spending a night and the next morning hitting Mac’s Diner in Shady Cove, Oregon, ordering the best Country Fried Steak, Eggs over medium and hash browns in the state.

Explore the past, Brothers, Oregon Stage Stop open for business. I can remember running out of gas once, crested the hill coming from the east and saw the stage stop sign open and the engine restarted as I was coasting...
Explore the past, Brothers, Oregon Stage Stop open for business. I can remember running out of gas once, crested the hill coming from the east and saw the stage stop sign open and the engine restarted as I was coasting…

Well plans changed and the wife asked me if I wanted to go to eastern Oregon and do some scouting…  It does not take me more than 5 seconds to say are you sure about this and yes was my answer!  So off we head towards the east, with the first stop at Collier State Park, capturing the last spot there.   With not real direction and letting the motorhome take to where ever, we many side trips and even into the Owyhee’s in search of Pronghorns and Mule deer.

Explore the Owyhee area, with a great deal of BLM...
Explore the Owyhee area, with a great deal of BLM…

We stayed a couple nights that Crane Crystal Crane Hot Springs RV Park.  The weather turned from warm sunny days to snow and freezing weather.   As we did not have a set course to take, we headed back towards Seven Feathers RV Park, with it being full, though I know the management there; we were out of luck…   Off the cuff, we did find another park after hitting the Oregon Coast at Bandon, Oregon.   Just a note, the Oregon State Parks were full, my suggestion with the Oregon State Parks, is to use Reserve America and get your spot reserved.  We stayed at Bandon by the Sea RV Park, a small RV Park that does have permanent residents and allows weary travelers to stay.  It is very clean park to stay at.  I was very fortunate that Bruce Young, allowed me to take the extended two weeks during the summer… P.S. We did go into California and saw Elk, in a spot that I have seen them every time we go that way. Interesting that we went through the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park.  Hmm! Big and Dry Camping only.  No one on the west coast beats Oregon State Parks…

A relaxing spot to stop after a long trip. Lots of wildlife abound the area.
A relaxing spot to stop after a long trip. Lots of wildlife abound the area.

Since my last RV Newsletter, B Young RV has added some new product lines to our inventory with Winnebago Travel Trailers (Micro Minnie – Hot small trailer) and Thor Class A motorhomes (Windsport) and Class C motorhomes (Quantum).  The highly styled Dynamax Istata 3 Class B+ has been a top seller with it options and just overall great appearance.

Our lineup of Little Guy teardrop style T@B’s, T@G’s, T@G XL’s and regular Little Guys do not hang around very long.  What a phenomena of who are buying these vintage perspective of the mind…  It is simply amazing how many are sold and the fact we run out at a moment’s notice!

Recently, such as July 7th, we had a visit from Bob Tiffin, the owner of Tiffin Motorhomes.  A man that believes in his company and the family he gains with customers that buy Tiffin.  It is all about service and a long time relationship.   It was very enlightening to have a round table discussion with Bob in the 36UA Bunkhouse Allegro Open Road motorhome, a number of us were able to make a few suggestions.  Bob, pulled out folded over paper and made notes of the comments.  Rest assured when he gets back to Red Bay, Alabama, he will review and make some small changes…   Bob brought up the new Phaeton 44OH on the Powerglide Chassis and how it will be the new change in how RV’s will be built.  The Phaeton 44OH has a flat floor throughout the motorhome.  It is all about how the floor is built and how the walls are set.  Come by B Young RV and learn all about it if you are interested why Tiffin leads the way!

Phaeton 44OH, New concept in the RV Industry.
Phaeton 44OH, New concept in the RV Industry.

Interesting thing about RV’s, they all have one thing in common to me, and that is to use to escape from the daily grind and the cluster of life.  So, many like to hunt, fish, hike, explore unknown places and even venture to where just maybe no one has ever stepped foot before, so I am going to give you all a link to onXmaps HUNT.  Just touch the following logo and let your mind take it all in.  The product can be used on mobile devices, Garmin GPS’s (handheld or vehicle).   It is not all about HUNT, but that is where it started, but it is an adventurer into the mountains, desert, beach, and life.

Wildlife or Bird of the Month

Can anyone tell me what this bird's name is?
Can anyone tell me what this bird’s name is?

Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter – Summer 2014

Missle Bucks

Well summer 2014 is about to start soon and I am ready for the Sun in the N.W.

As I start to write this newsletter, we are down at Seventh Feathers RV Resort south of Roseburg, Oregon and it is raining fairly heavy.   As my granddaughter Addison would say at 6 years old it is raining dogs and cats, plus buckets of water with snails.   Yes snails, when it is warm and we have heavy rains it brings the snails out in groves.

2014 has started out with a bang on RV Sales throughout the country and here at B Young RV the increases from 2013 are tremendous, thanks to all the referrals that we get.   Seems all categories of RV’s are selling at B Young RV and other dealers around the country.  Guess the Baby Boomers want to hit the road and those that are still working with families are finding that spending time in the outdoor environment with the whole family to be an adventurer! It is interesting though how many people are selling their homes and with some of the equity hitting the roads in an RV for a while, then settle in a tax friendly state.   I find it is like being off the Grid a bit and not having to take care of your yard anymore, pay property taxes, plus you can leave at any time to a new playground in your RV.

While down at Seventh Feathers RV Resort (p.s. I don’t gamble) I have had the privilege to play golf a couple of times out at the Myrtle Creek Golf Course.  The first time I only had a couple of old Walter Hagen 6 & 8 irons (probably about 75 years old, given to me by my grandfather in 1967) in the back of the motorhome with a putter.   I was able to borrow a driver with trust that I would return it after play.  What a great time, I have now learned that I need to carry my regular clubs with me at all times.  What amazed me was the amount of Turkeys and Deer running around on the challenging course.   It was before Turkey season started in Oregon and the Toms were out strutting everywhere on the course! Turkeys Golf Course flag INT Turkeys Golf Top INT











Yes! They stopped play as I had to take a video of the birds working the green:  

LINK:   Tom’s on the Green

The second time down at Seventh Feathers RV Resort I had my clubs and played well in the wind, rain, sun and hail at Myrtle Creek Golf Course.  The course held up great and was a blast to play and being able to work the Par 3’s with more than one ball.  I had the course to myself into the late afternoon!  The Course GM and the Course PGA Pro are really great guys and the atmosphere is very homely and open.   The Marshall was a hoot and warned me I should go up a club on the Elevated Tee box Par 3 13th Hole, as the wind will catch the ball.  Two times I did it my way and put the ball into the sand trap (2’ apart) at the edge of the green, the next shot I took his advice and put it on the green.  “I told you so” Ok!  Enough Golf, go and have fun there though.

You can even get a great hot dog or hamburger at the diner!

Made a trip into California this spring also and found a really nice campground to stay in with friendly staff along the Northern California Coastline at Benbow KOA!  It was great to find that particular campground late into the evening.   Checked out other campgrounds, but felt uncomfortable, seems many of the old campgrounds in the Redwoods have lived on from the old days (60’s and 70’s) with little upkeep.  There is a great deal of remoteness in the area and sometimes I think I had gone back in time to when I was a kid…  Maybe a some paint and trimming of trees would have help change the atmosphere of RV Parks in the Redwoods!

A couple of our Tiffin Customers Russ and Pam will be heading to RED BAY, Alabama to see their Tiffin being built in July after the holidays.   The welcome mat has been put out for them to have a memorable experience!  Russ will be sending me a series of pictures on the build and I can’t wait to see how it is done from the customer’s view.  Russ I think will be assisting in the production… I have a couple of restaurants down in Bandon,that everyone that heads down the way might enjoy to eat.  Always 1st cabin food and I have given you pictures so you can remember the buildings along the wharf in Bandon.

photo 4 Bandon 4





photo 2 Bandon @



There is plenty of parking and time to enjoy either of the restaurants on the Wharf at Bandon, Oregon

A new addition to B Young RV inventory is the Rubicon, a pull behind Toy Hauler, a great looking Toy Hauler at a great value.   Now is the time to get great deals on all Toy Haulers at B Young RV.  The “B” in the Young has order more inventory and we need to move the 2014’s out!

Side profile of the 2600 Rubicon at B YOUNG RV!
Side profile of the 2600 Rubicon at B YOUNG RV!










As we say at B YOUNG RV:

“Come Shopping Today and You Can Be Camping Tomorrow”

If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships.  Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. What is new just within the last week for our customers and other Priority RV customers, they will now have coverage in Canada, plus there is an APP via Smart Phone or IPAD uses for being up to date on finding the dealers while traveling in North America.  NO other program out there has anything like it!  Just take your Smart Phone or the IPAD and got to APPS and type in Priority RV in the search and low and behold the APP will appear! I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RV via her email for a Quote: POLLY  Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV Dumps U.S.A. The following Newsletter is of my own thoughts and ideas and may not reflect the thoughts of  B Young RV Company’s Mission Statement! : B YOUNG MISSION STATEMENT TO OPT OUT:   Contact F. Biggs B YOUNG RV   16803 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, Oregon (Portland Metro Area-Old Hwy 99 Along with Willamette River)