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Frank’s RV Newsletter Spring 2018

With an RV, Nature is Close at Hand…

                                                                        Early on Roosevelt Bulls

I am the Old U.S. Navy Guy at B Young RV considering it was just over 50 Years ago I went into the U.S. Navy in San Diego at Camp Nimitz. 

We are now well into the New Year and what a year it going to be in the RV World.  Interest Rates are still very good and B Young RV has lots of inventory going into Spring Season.

Last year was another record in sales at B Young RV and many happy customers camping in their new or used RV.   An example was the camping trip the wife and I took last November and spent some 15 days out in our new RV from B Young RV.

The Navion covered a lot of ground along Hwy 101 and even over on Hwy 1 in Northern California.  I will have to say that Hwy 1 is not the best highway to travel in an RV with the wife on board.   There are no pull-outs so to speak on that Highway south of Fort Bragg, California.   The K.O.A. (Manchester Beach-Mendocino Coast) was the only sanctuary to stay at on the highway that was clean and open campsites.

             This spot is near Moe’s at Taft, Oregon. Surfers were out this day on great waves.

The mission on this trip was to find Roosevelt Elk in S.W. Oregon and Northern California on private and public lands.   On the trip, I did work in close, a few times to close to the elk, but what a rush and about 3500 pictures were taken.  There nothing better than digital in a camera, having not to worry about the film.

                               This is by far the biggest Roosevelt Bull, I was able to find and get in close.

The product lines that B Young RV carries remain the leaders in the industry in sales, with new floorplans coming out even during mid-year.   Tiffin RV’s new Wayfarer Class C/B+ is making advances in moving up to the #2 and #1 level in sales.  I do know that the World Renown EW of Weatherby Inc. has a new Wayfarer, which is his second Tiffin RV motorhome.

                                This Bald Eagle is inverted and he or she missed the Duck…

Grand Design RV Imagine (light weight) Travel Trailer, the Reflection 5th wheels and the luxury Solitude are selling extremely well.

It is such a pleasure to have great product lines to sell and know that our customers are getting great quality and value for their hard earned money.  

      This shot was taken at about 8 yards. The Roosie was eating Blackberries and the leaves.

If you have been away for a while, still looking, need a new or upgraded RV, stop by the Dealership.  Coffee is always on and most of the time there are fresh cookies in the case.

This past Fall of 2017 Tiffin and B Young RV held a Tiffin Rally!  A Hooyah needs to go out to the customers that bought and the team working the show, in making it the largest Tiffin sale ever.

                                               Long after the Rut, this bull was racking hard.

In closing, that new RV that we got in June now has 22 K on it  @ 16.5 MPG.  Easy to drive, the dust never settles.   

Regards, Frank

B Young RV

Frank Biggs
Senior Consultant C.S.
U.S.N. Retired
16803 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97267
Cell   – 503-737-9595
Work – 503-305-8685

Frank’s RV Newsletter December 2016

2016 A Year to Remember Forever

I would like to wish all our customers a:

Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Holidays

And of course Happy New Year.  I have the privilege to have my 8 year old granddaughter Addison celebrating Christmas with us for the past 8 years. 

May the New Year be great for all!

Another year has gone by and what an exciting year it has been at B Young RV.   The company still wants to expand into Washington.  Finding build able land has been a problem, it seems all the land that has been looked doesn’t meet code to the environment…   So with the plans to expand, so have the product lines, especially with motorize. 

This is the 33.1 Palazzo Diesel Pusher. Only 34′ long and full body paint!

We now have the Thor Palazzo diesel pusher motorhome (a great deal of standard features) , Thor Quantum Class C

One of the best interiors of any Class C in the market place. Now with a 6 speed transmission!

(Cabinets like a high end diesel pusher) and the Winnebago Navion B+ Sprinter motorhome in our lineup.   As for 5th Wheel products we have the all new Vanleigh RV – Vilano product line.  The company is headed up by Bob Tiffin, Van Tiffin and his son Leigh Tiffin, having many of the great Tiffin features plus the company values that we have known for more than 44 years. 

The Vilano, just think it has multiplex wiring, turn on most everything at one area.

I find it amazing with the growth of the company in just 8 years.   Bruce Young, I find to be a visionary and living the dream allowing his team to prosper and be part of the whole business…  The company is ever growing and improving Customer Service and Community Service.

A on a funny note about improving, for 7 years we have had an area on the south lot, when it rains we have a pond and mud hole when it shrinks up.   Well today 12/22/2016 we no longer have that obstacle on the south lot. 

Improvements on the property, whether outside or inside it is being done. This includes the shops!

I want to thank all the customers of B Young RV, which have bought from me and the dealership.  I also thank the customers that did come in and even if we did not sell to you that you are always welcome at B Young RV. 

As for myself I have gone to a 4 day a week position and still in sales.  I am fortunate that management has allowed this.  Since my last newsletter we have acquired two Top Management Leaders for the Sales Team.  Bill & David are two highly talent men that make it easy for our customers and B Young RV to put a buying experience together.  

I thought I would leave you all with a little video of a Cougar.  This video was take in the summer of 2103, since then more have moved in to this rural area, just outside the city limits of Molalla, Oregon.FR

Frank Biggs 503-737-9595

B Young RV – frankb@byoungrv.com

B Young RV – U Tube RV Video’s by Frank Biggs

The following is a link to B Young RV video’s that I have done for the company!

Many of the units have been sold, but new products can be replaced or have been replaced.

LINK:       Frank Biggs – B YOUNG RV – RV Video’s

Enjoy and maybe you’ll find one you Love! Frank aka Bwana Bubba

Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter – Nov 2013



Daylight Savings Is Behind Us!

That feature of life does not mean we can’t go camping in the fall and winter!

The Pacific Northwest is a great place to play in the Fall & Winter!

The Oregon Coast can be very pleasant this time of year & Central Oregon can be a place to go and enjoy Nature & Snow!

First off it is that time of year also for the last major RV Show of the year in Portland, Oregon

with the

Portland Metro Dealers RV Show!

It has been quite a year here at B Young RV and other dealers in the country with record sales.   It just isn’t the baby boomers buying RV’s, as I see a great deal of younger folks buying RV’s.  With growing cost to owning homes, I do find a large number of folks that are selling off their homes and hitting the road for the last Hoorah!   There is so much to see in the United States and in Canada, why not see it all.  Maybe one of them could be the next author of a best seller on Hitting the Pavement or the Back Roads of CONUS!  Freedom of the Open Roads!

For those going to the show, you’ll see many emerging RV Companies moving up the ranks for popularity of their products.   I find it very interesting to see the changes of RV’s and the new technology of building, features and overall companies business practices.

Recently we had training at B YOUNG RV with Prime Time RV a company that we have had since they started manufacturering and B YOUNG RV opening up.  After the training with Mark Kealoa I thanked him for giving me new information that I did not know!  One can always learn something new, if they listen…

All our companies that B Young RV do intensive training on their products that we carry.  A great reason to buy from B Young RV as Sales Consultants have knowledge on the products, plus our REPS from the RV Companies have a long term relationship with the owner of B Young RV.   Those a trust has been establish between management, representatives, service, parts and sales force!

Stop by at the RV Show and see all the new upgrades on the:

Tiffin Class A MotorhomesAllegro Bus, Phaeton, Allegro Red, Allegro Breeze & Allegro Open Road (GAS)

CoachmenLeprechaun & Prism Class C’s and Mirada Class A

5th WheelsSolitude – Bay Hill – Sanibel – Crusader – Redwood – Reflection

5th Wheel Toy HaulersMomentum 355 – Voltage

Travel TrailersTracer – Kodiak – Lacrosse – Hideout – Little Guy and Including the T @ B!

Tip of the Month from Andrew: 

1)  Check your Roof today before the rains come!

2)  Does your motorhome Sway to Fro?  if it does call our Service Department about Roadmaster!

3)  Those that don’t plan to use their RV during the winter months make sure to winterize and put fuel-gas stabilizer in!


Bonded Slideout Walls & Backwalls!


 Picture of November

White Egret! Taken on the Oregon Coast! A very wary bird! I was lucky the bird would hold in the same pocket of water!
White Egret! Taken on the Oregon Coast! A very wary bird! I was lucky the bird would hold in the same pocket of water!

 This is after he took off from my hidden spot and landed on the other side of the pond!

I would strongly suggest that you buy an Oregon State Park Day Use Permit there are so many advantages to having one when you have an RV in the State Oregon.  I believe that a Two (2) year permit is $50.00!  Even those that just want to launch a boat at a State Park, they will find it to be cost affected!

This month I have put William M.Tugman State Park as the place to go, as it close to Coos Bay on the southern Oregon coast.  This park does get cell phone reception for those folks that feel they need it.  The park has a large lake that you can fish or float around.  There is also a large playground for the kids or grandkids.   A very nice Oregon State Park north of Coos Bay, Oregon!

If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships.  Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. I would suggest that you contact Polly or Jack at B Young RV.Remember if you have an I Phone, I PAD Mini or I PAD, there is a FREE APP for you and at the tap of finger you can find HELP!

Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV Dumps U.S.A.


2013 Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA Special Floorplan Diesel Pusher

Special Floorplan Tiffin Diesel Pusher for Hunters & Fishing Teams

I thought I would introduce this to my fellow hunters and fishermen or ladies that love the outdoors.  You can have as many as 8 people sleep in this motorhome.  It has great power and road height to get into the back country in style!

#2566 2013 Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA

Enjoy if you take the time to watch!

It was done on the Willamette River and Clackamas River in Oregon City, Oregon!



Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter Mar 2012

The News Letter is late, but not forgotten!

Well I am finally getting to my March RV News Letter at the end of the month.   It has been a very busy month with the Portland Metro RV Show at the first of the month.

The RV Show was a very good show for the company once we got through the first two (2) days of the show, which seemed like a ghost town.   When Friday came all of the dealers were very busy selling RV’s.   Towable RV’s were the main items selling for all of use.   Now after the show the follow-up on motorize has been very good.  It appears that 2012 is going to be a great year for the RV business, even though the cost of gas and diesel is up.  It is still cheaper to use an RV for a year, than it is to go to Disneyland for a week with a family of 4.

At the show B YOUNG RV introduced a couple of new products that had overwhelming results in sales and viewing. In the trailer side the all new Kodiak travel trailer from Dutchmen was displayed and we sold out the display of trailers that were at the show!

The next highlight of RV’s was the all new REDWOOD 5th Wheel from Thor.  The Redwood is the Flagship for Thor, who also owns Keystone RV, Dutchmen, Airstream and many more RV companies.   The Redwood is designed in the larger unit for full time residence living.  The Redwood comes with a two (2) year warranty and there are no penalties for being full time with RV, as it is with some manufacturers.

B YOUNG RV is expanding the part department as I write this news letter on Sunday afternoon.   It is time for the company to expand to a greater size in the parts store.  Many new items will be added for our present customers and future customers.   Recently I notice that we have added a full line of Solar Panel systems both in fixed and portable.   The new product is Zamp Solar and I understand that Tiffin Motorhomes in the future will be using this product on their Motorhomes.

Zamp Solar Fixed Panel Line-Up!Zamp Solar in the portable line-up!









Zamp Solar in the portable line-up!









Speak about Tiffin Motorhome; a recent new arrival from Tiffin Motorhomes is the Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36L.   The 36L is an all new floorplan with an extremely large living area.   It is the first in a long time to have a washer/dryer in a gas motorhome.   There is the luxury of a having a bath and half in this floorplan.   The exterior paint scheme is in Sunlit Sand!

Maybe next month I will put out a picture of the RV that I plan to buy once it is built.  It is about time for my family to get a bigger RV that will take us into the next few years in recreational fun!

Feature Picture of the Month

This picture of a Blue Heron was taken at W. Delta Park during the PDX RV Show 2012