Geocaching Big Game Pronghorn caching – Deer caching – Elk caching

With modern technology, why not use GPS’s for hunting and even fishing.   I do not leave on the hunt or a fishing trip without a GPS.   The list is to long to know the amount of successful hunters, because of the Garmin GPSHUNT by onXmaps.   I had given out way-points on files to customers, so they could cut to the chase and find Antelopes, Deer and Elk to harvest in the State of Oregon and a few other states since 2008.   It is now 2014 and have already in the Month of January of 2014, have hunters emailing me.

I personally use Garmin GPS’s and have been using them since 1999 for hunting and fishing.

I have also attached a link to HUNT by onXmaps which ties into Garmin GPS Products.  Why not know were and when to hunt.  Be protected from trespassing on private property.

LINK:       HUNT by onXmaps

My latest Garmin to my pack is the all new Montana 600.

Garmin Montana 600 Touch ScreenMontana600


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  1. Sounds like a you have some good data Bubba.

    I’ll email you information on our statewide PLAT book maps for Oregon and other Western States

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