Hunt Oregon for Pronghorn – Antelope – Sleeper State

Which Buck do you feel is close to a Book Animal?



 Have you ever wanted to hunt for Pronghorn – Antelope, better known as Antelope or Lopes in Oregon?

Just a short little video of a nice buck in the Grizzly Hunt Unit in Oregon:  Pronghorn in the Big Muddy!

Well I can help you decide what unit is best to draw for a potential Boone & Crockett buck.  Having taken a number of Boone & Crockett, plus Pope & Young eligible Antelope, I can give you the expertise to understand horn mass and how to hunt the Prairie Ghost!

 It takes about 10-12 preference points to draw an Antelope Tag in Oregon.  One would not want to waste the preference points that they have taken so long to acquire.  Let me help get you into the right area and allow you the opportunity to harvest a good buck and not feel like taking the first legal buck you see.   Hunting Antelope is a game of patience and knowing that you must let the younger bucks pass bye.  One must be willing to dedicate the time to hunt for Antelope, the season is short and it is about every 10-15 years between Antelope hunts!

Maybe a Shooter?!
Maybe a Shooter?!

I believe that the Antelope hunter should be prepared and feel that this hunt is the biggest hunt they will ever go on.   You also have to be patient and let the smaller bucks go by, so you can harvest the trophy buck.


I do believe he a keeper!  High Cutters, so extra measurement!  Shoot!
I do believe he a keeper! High Cutters, so extra measurement! Shoot!

4 thoughts on “Hunt Oregon for Pronghorn – Antelope – Sleeper State”

  1. Hello, My name is Kenneth Hindman. I live over on the coast of Oregon. I just read your article on antelope hunting in the paulina unit. I drew a tag in the paulina unit this year (2017). I will be going over there and scouting as much as possible. What general area do you think holds the most antelope. What area would you put your time into on that unit. Your help and imput would be much appreciated . Thank you Kenneth

  2. There probably isn’t a simple answer. .. what is the best unit for trophy antelope with 19 points?

  3. Frank,

    I drew a Silvies tag for Antelope?
    Can you point me where to go. I went over there last Wednesday & Thursday.
    Only saw 1 small group.


  4. I on the off chance drew a west beattys butte archery antelope tag with minimal points. I have located several watering holes via google earth. I will be making a trip over there soon to set some cameras and do some scouting. I’m not real familiar with the area I have coyote hunted over there a couple times and saw many antelopes but all were in the warner valley in the private fields. Any tips to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated not necessarily looking for a honey hole just some advice and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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