Hunting Antelope – Pronghorn Blacktail Deer – Mule Deer – Elk in Oregon…






Picture taken  at 30 yards during rifle season in Oregon.

Have you ever wanted to hunt in Oregon?   Have you been saving up points for hunts and not sure where to hunt?  Have you ever wanted to harvest a Boone & Crockett Pronghorn – Antelope from the State of Oregon, Oregon has B&C  and       P & Y bucks.   delope011.JPGI can help you work on finding that monster buck you are looking for.  deno-bow-bull-big-muddy.jpg If you are a bowhunter and would like to have a great spot to hunt for Elk or Deer, I can put you into the right area to see game.  Oregon has some of the finest hunting for deer, elk, and antelope in the country.

Just email me and I and I can give you the details  and pricing for GPS hunting or other services for 2010 Hunts.


You too can have a picture like this with my knowledge of getting to the hunting spots.


The Phillips on a successful Oregon Lope Hunt via GPS Hunting!

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