California Bighorn Sheep Pictures – John Day River Oregon Area


 Oregon – California Bighorns

These pictures were taken on 05-12-09 while on a scouting trip for other animals.  The wind was blowing more than 40 knots, causing many problems of getting good pictures in open territory.   My partner Steve and myself stalked within 40 feet of the 11 Rams in these pictures.  It was a great feeling and the Rams did not get disturbed during the stalk.  We were very low keyed in the stalk and used the wind to keep things down.

These Rams do live on private land, but I am sure whoever draws a tag for the area could work something out.

We also spotted Ewe’s about 9 miles away.

 Bwana Bubba

One thought on “California Bighorn Sheep Pictures – John Day River Oregon Area”

  1. Was at John Day River last week(16 Aug 2013) on a day trip from Heppner. Was fishing for smallies in the river all day. Came across a house about 1 mile down river from Spray. It had a few apple trees in its yard. Within the apple trees, eating fallen apples was an ENTIRE HERD of about 15-20 bighorn sheep complete with 2 RAMS!! UNBELIEVABLE. They weren’t paying any attention to cars going by. But when we stopped and backed up and opened windows to take pics, they became nervous and the head ram moved the heard away!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Bighorn sheep right on the edge of town!!

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