Bwana Bubba’s Thoughts – Oregon Coyotes in numbers

Let us not forget about the resilient Coyote that roams all of North American. Ever thought about asking a chicken or duck farmer to hunt the Coy Dogs that will lay in wait free roaming egg layers…

Having recently talked with a ODFW Bio, the news is out that the Coyotes are eating well! There is an over abundance of Rodents and Rabbits in S.E. Oregon. Time for hunters to get out reduce the Coyote numbers if they want Pronghorn and Deer fawn survival in the future!
Keeping this short with an ending comment!
“If you can’t call in a Coy  Dog, you don’t know how to call” (CF)

If you want to find the big boys you need to take out the Coy Dogs!

2 thoughts on “Bwana Bubba’s Thoughts – Oregon Coyotes in numbers”

  1. Victor!
    I would head east towards Burns, Oregon and take the turn north to Dry Mountain, which is just west of Riley, Oregon. On the Silver Creek Rd., head up towards Nicole Creek and work the N.F. and the B.L.M. A lot of dogs up there. If you need waypoints for a Garmin GPS using the onXmaps HUNT, will send you a GPX file to load to the Garmin. I can also do mobile if needed.
    Email me at

  2. Bwana,
    How about giving me a good spot to go to near Burns, Oregon.
    I have about three days to hunt for them mangy things.

    Víctor Gonzales U.S. Army Retired

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