Oregon Trout Creek Mule Deer Hunt

Linda’s 2011 Trout Creek Mule Deer Hunt

I get a great deal of inquiries where to hunt every year and sometime I am just another lead to the hunter along with the rest of the information they get from others.   It is good that when it comes to hunting that hunters try to gather as much information as they can, including getting information from the local biologist for the area they plan to hunt.  Many biologist are hunters themselves and want to see hunters successful.   In Oregon the ODFW have some very good biologist and a couple I have know for many years.

Getting on with Linda’s hunt, she made contact with me early on about getting a Trout Creek Mule Deer tag.  Tough unit to draw for, as it takes at least 10 points to get drawn.  The Trout Creek Hunt is in the Whitehorse Hunt Unit, bordering Nevada.    There are some monster bucks that live in the arrid country, but hard to find.

I gave Linda some waypoints that were given to me by an old hunter that I had known for more than 20 years that hunted the Trout Creek Mountain and harvest many a big monster buck.   Bud Lucas was his name and he lived in Klamath Falls, OR.   He shared his stories and pictures of the bucks that he harvest of the years.

L.K.J.'s before 50 Trout Creek Mule Deer 2011


I was Mule Deer hunting in the Trout Creek Mountains.  Got my buck day 2 of the hunt.  It was great! I wish I could hunt there every year.  I went several days early and put bucks to bed.  Found them in the morning.  It was good I got my deer early as it began snowing a couple of days later.  What a great experience I will never forget.  I saved points for 10 years and wanted a tag before I was 50 (next year),  now I think I may get another one before I am 60!

Happy Trails,
Thanks for the interest and encouragement!

9 thoughts on “Oregon Trout Creek Mule Deer Hunt”

  1. Hi Bwana!
    Just read your article about Trout Creek mountain Mulies. I had put in for this area for twelve years. Now that I have a tag I have no idea where a good area in that unit would be. I was hoping you could give me some clues? I would be very appreciated for the adice.
    -Steve Estabrooks

  2. I’ve drawn a Trout Creek rifle tag for 2016. Any input on area’s within the unit to concentrate on would be appreciated. An email message would be great. I haven’t hunted the area since the mid-nineties. Thanks.

  3. I drew a tag for the 2015 season. It took 13 Perf. Points.
    Now have to find a decent buck.

  4. Bwana I drew a rifle tag for Trout Creek! I’d love your thoughts on which drainages to hunt within the area. With the drought we’ve had this year, I imagine that will really impact where the animals are. Thanks!

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  6. Greg, one never knows how the computer of chance works with the ODFW. I would have you put in for the hunt and see how it goes.
    Make your second choice the Beulah Unit and buy yourself a Weatheryby in the 300 or 30/378. Talk with you when you draw your tag!

    Frank aka Cobra

  7. So Bwana, I have some time now that winter is here! So can I get a Trout Creek tag with 9 points. Are there bigger bucks in this area than Linda took? Let me know and I will buy the correct weapon of your choice. Greg Hit the long and hard!

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