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U Tube videos on RV that my company sells. Some things might have sold, but there is backup!

Bwana Bubba’s Thought – Luxury Hunting Camp

40% of Hunters have one of theses! 

Here you thought, I was going to write about a  "Black Tent of Arabian Desert aka beit al-sha'r. 

Many hunters as they get older like more comforts than a tent to spend a week or more while hunting in the elements. In the Pacific Northwest, there are more base camps that will use a Recreational Vehicle or better known as an RV.  I remember a long time ago, I had a hunter come into the Burns Brothers Sportsmen's Center and tell me he and buddies rented a big diesel pusher to go hunting in Colorado, Wow,  was what I said as he was leaving with hunting supplies.  Now that was back in 1984…  A great deal has changed and more and more are using RV's all year long.  Think about being able to take a shower when get back from chasing deer during archery season.  It is all about scent, right?

The following video and a slide presentation is the first of it kind in the RV world.   Using a camera such as Google Earth uses, this video is possible.

LINK:   2017 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OPP

Take the time to view this!  Most Tiffin's we bring in have a GPS, which is Garmin Technology.  You can tie the onXmaps HUNT to find a free parking space while hunting on public land… Frank Biggs


Portland, Oregon

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Bwana Bubba’s RV Newsletter – Summer 2014

Missle Bucks

Well summer 2014 is about to start soon and I am ready for the Sun in the N.W.

As I start to write this newsletter, we are down at Seventh Feathers RV Resort south of Roseburg, Oregon and it is raining fairly heavy.   As my granddaughter Addison would say at 6 years old it is raining dogs and cats, plus buckets of water with snails.   Yes snails, when it is warm and we have heavy rains it brings the snails out in groves.

2014 has started out with a bang on RV Sales throughout the country and here at B Young RV the increases from 2013 are tremendous, thanks to all the referrals that we get.   Seems all categories of RV’s are selling at B Young RV and other dealers around the country.  Guess the Baby Boomers want to hit the road and those that are still working with families are finding that spending time in the outdoor environment with the whole family to be an adventurer! It is interesting though how many people are selling their homes and with some of the equity hitting the roads in an RV for a while, then settle in a tax friendly state.   I find it is like being off the Grid a bit and not having to take care of your yard anymore, pay property taxes, plus you can leave at any time to a new playground in your RV.

While down at Seventh Feathers RV Resort (p.s. I don’t gamble) I have had the privilege to play golf a couple of times out at the Myrtle Creek Golf Course.  The first time I only had a couple of old Walter Hagen 6 & 8 irons (probably about 75 years old, given to me by my grandfather in 1967) in the back of the motorhome with a putter.   I was able to borrow a driver with trust that I would return it after play.  What a great time, I have now learned that I need to carry my regular clubs with me at all times.  What amazed me was the amount of Turkeys and Deer running around on the challenging course.   It was before Turkey season started in Oregon and the Toms were out strutting everywhere on the course! Turkeys Golf Course flag INT Turkeys Golf Top INT











Yes! They stopped play as I had to take a video of the birds working the green:  

LINK:   Tom’s on the Green

The second time down at Seventh Feathers RV Resort I had my clubs and played well in the wind, rain, sun and hail at Myrtle Creek Golf Course.  The course held up great and was a blast to play and being able to work the Par 3’s with more than one ball.  I had the course to myself into the late afternoon!  The Course GM and the Course PGA Pro are really great guys and the atmosphere is very homely and open.   The Marshall was a hoot and warned me I should go up a club on the Elevated Tee box Par 3 13th Hole, as the wind will catch the ball.  Two times I did it my way and put the ball into the sand trap (2’ apart) at the edge of the green, the next shot I took his advice and put it on the green.  “I told you so” Ok!  Enough Golf, go and have fun there though.

You can even get a great hot dog or hamburger at the diner!

Made a trip into California this spring also and found a really nice campground to stay in with friendly staff along the Northern California Coastline at Benbow KOA!  It was great to find that particular campground late into the evening.   Checked out other campgrounds, but felt uncomfortable, seems many of the old campgrounds in the Redwoods have lived on from the old days (60’s and 70’s) with little upkeep.  There is a great deal of remoteness in the area and sometimes I think I had gone back in time to when I was a kid…  Maybe a some paint and trimming of trees would have help change the atmosphere of RV Parks in the Redwoods!

A couple of our Tiffin Customers Russ and Pam will be heading to RED BAY, Alabama to see their Tiffin being built in July after the holidays.   The welcome mat has been put out for them to have a memorable experience!  Russ will be sending me a series of pictures on the build and I can’t wait to see how it is done from the customer’s view.  Russ I think will be assisting in the production… I have a couple of restaurants down in Bandon,that everyone that heads down the way might enjoy to eat.  Always 1st cabin food and I have given you pictures so you can remember the buildings along the wharf in Bandon.

photo 4 Bandon 4





photo 2 Bandon @



There is plenty of parking and time to enjoy either of the restaurants on the Wharf at Bandon, Oregon

A new addition to B Young RV inventory is the Rubicon, a pull behind Toy Hauler, a great looking Toy Hauler at a great value.   Now is the time to get great deals on all Toy Haulers at B Young RV.  The “B” in the Young has order more inventory and we need to move the 2014’s out!

Side profile of the 2600 Rubicon at B YOUNG RV!
Side profile of the 2600 Rubicon at B YOUNG RV!










As we say at B YOUNG RV:

“Come Shopping Today and You Can Be Camping Tomorrow”

If you have forgotten, please remember that folks that have bought their RV’s from B Young RV are part of the Priority RV Network, which includes discounts in the Stores and being a priority customer while on the open road at other Priority RV Dealerships.  Another thing you are invited to get a FREE Insurance Quote, one way to see if your insurance company is competitive on pricing. What is new just within the last week for our customers and other Priority RV customers, they will now have coverage in Canada, plus there is an APP via Smart Phone or IPAD uses for being up to date on finding the dealers while traveling in North America.  NO other program out there has anything like it!  Just take your Smart Phone or the IPAD and got to APPS and type in Priority RV in the search and low and behold the APP will appear! I would suggest that you contact Polly at B Young RV via her email for a Quote: POLLY  Dumps in the Continental United States. Link: RV Dumps U.S.A. The following Newsletter is of my own thoughts and ideas and may not reflect the thoughts of  B Young RV Company’s Mission Statement! : B YOUNG MISSION STATEMENT TO OPT OUT:   Contact F. Biggs B YOUNG RV   16803 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, Oregon (Portland Metro Area-Old Hwy 99 Along with Willamette River)

B Young RV – U Tube RV Video’s by Frank Biggs

The following is a link to B Young RV video’s that I have done for the company!

Many of the units have been sold, but new products can be replaced or have been replaced.

LINK:       Frank Biggs – B YOUNG RV – RV Video’s

Enjoy and maybe you’ll find one you Love! Frank aka Bwana Bubba