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Frank’s RV Newsletter December 2016

2016 A Year to Remember Forever

I would like to wish all our customers a:

Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Holidays

And of course Happy New Year.  I have the privilege to have my 8 year old granddaughter Addison celebrating Christmas with us for the past 8 years. 

May the New Year be great for all!

Another year has gone by and what an exciting year it has been at B Young RV.   The company still wants to expand into Washington.  Finding build able land has been a problem, it seems all the land that has been looked doesn’t meet code to the environment…   So with the plans to expand, so have the product lines, especially with motorize. 

This is the 33.1 Palazzo Diesel Pusher. Only 34′ long and full body paint!

We now have the Thor Palazzo diesel pusher motorhome (a great deal of standard features) , Thor Quantum Class C

One of the best interiors of any Class C in the market place. Now with a 6 speed transmission!

(Cabinets like a high end diesel pusher) and the Winnebago Navion B+ Sprinter motorhome in our lineup.   As for 5th Wheel products we have the all new Vanleigh RV – Vilano product line.  The company is headed up by Bob Tiffin, Van Tiffin and his son Leigh Tiffin, having many of the great Tiffin features plus the company values that we have known for more than 44 years. 

The Vilano, just think it has multiplex wiring, turn on most everything at one area.

I find it amazing with the growth of the company in just 8 years.   Bruce Young, I find to be a visionary and living the dream allowing his team to prosper and be part of the whole business…  The company is ever growing and improving Customer Service and Community Service.

A on a funny note about improving, for 7 years we have had an area on the south lot, when it rains we have a pond and mud hole when it shrinks up.   Well today 12/22/2016 we no longer have that obstacle on the south lot. 

Improvements on the property, whether outside or inside it is being done. This includes the shops!

I want to thank all the customers of B Young RV, which have bought from me and the dealership.  I also thank the customers that did come in and even if we did not sell to you that you are always welcome at B Young RV. 

As for myself I have gone to a 4 day a week position and still in sales.  I am fortunate that management has allowed this.  Since my last newsletter we have acquired two Top Management Leaders for the Sales Team.  Bill & David are two highly talent men that make it easy for our customers and B Young RV to put a buying experience together.  

I thought I would leave you all with a little video of a Cougar.  This video was take in the summer of 2103, since then more have moved in to this rural area, just outside the city limits of Molalla, Oregon.FR

Frank Biggs 503-737-9595

B Young RV –

B Young RV – U Tube RV Video’s by Frank Biggs

The following is a link to B Young RV video’s that I have done for the company!

Many of the units have been sold, but new products can be replaced or have been replaced.

LINK:       Frank Biggs – B YOUNG RV – RV Video’s

Enjoy and maybe you’ll find one you Love! Frank aka Bwana Bubba

Pronghorn – Antelope Pictures Oregon

The following video was taken during the archery season for Antelope.

The following Video is a pretty good Antelope – Pronghorn buck in the Grizzly Unit.   I took the short video while I was bow hunting for mule deer near Clarno, Oregon.


Pronghorn Still Shot! Oregon Buck!


Oregon Antelope Buck Herding!



Blacktail Deer Pictures – Oregon 2011

Blacktail Deer of the Willamette Valley in 2011

The following video is a selection of pictures put into a video form of Blacktail Deer, maining bucks from May to the first full moon in August.  There are a few pictures of bucks taken in the hard horn during and after the regular archery and rifle seasons’ in Oregon.

Blacktail Deer of the Willamette Valley

Cobra –

2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze

2012 Tiffin Allegro Breeze – State of the Arc Short Diesel Pusher – Powerglide Air Ride

I have attached a U-Tube Video for your enjoyment of the 2012 Tiffin Breeze!

LINK:  Tiffin Allegro Breeze – 14+ miles to the gallon Diesel Pusher!

Frank Biggs 503-737-9595

Pictures of Blacktails in Oregon

Blacktail Deer Pictures

The following is a collection of Blacktail Deer pictures taken in the Willamette Valley near Oregon City from 2008 through to 2011.  

LINK:   Blacktail Bucks of the Willamette Valley – Oregon

Enjoy! Cobra