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Artistic Taxidermy Studio – Portland – Oregon


I would have to give my recommendation of having my trophy taxidermy work to be done by Artistic Taxidermy in Portland, Oregon.

I have had a number of my trophies done by Artistic Taxidermy in the past.   I have known of Artistic Taxidermy since about 1959 when I was about 10 years old, before David Boys bought it.  I grew up in Southeast Portland and would visit the orginal owner with my dad and was always in awe of the mounts.  I remember one item to this day and that was a step stool that was the foot of an elepant.   Yep! It was pretty cool to go into the shop!   I had known David Boys since about 1978 when I was with Burns Bros., Inc.

Garret Heying owns the place now and he trained under David and learned all of David’s secrets on doing great work on your trophies.   Garret is young and has a great personality when it comes to his customers.   Come visit his shop at 57th and Foster Rd. on the South Side of the street in Portland, Oregon

Rememer that during:  Antelope hunting season in Oregon that Artistic Taxidermy Studio will have Receiving Stations at Hampton, Oregon & Burns, Oregon.  First Class Service in the Field! 

Posted:   Locations

HAMPTON:  Located off Hwy 20                                                                                                                                    Contact: David Boys Jr.  Cell: 1-503-771-7720  OPEN

BURNS/HINES: Located next to B & B Sporting Goods in Hines                                                                      Contact: Garret Heying  Cell: 1-503-317-6017 

You can visit his site at:                                                                                Contact via email:

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